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  1. Was expecting a lil more to it. Quite disappointing but looking forward to the game at least. In the end this is a free bonus to preordering and who knows maybe the pin will be worth a penny or two later on ^^.
  2. Ehhh, idk why this messed up the first time..
  3. Drakengard 3!
  4. Decided to get Gamefly again. It's time to start playing some rpg's I've been missing out on. weee ;)

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    2. Kurobleidd


      Ah, I think you'll like the love story part of FFX.

      @streethawkfan, I got obliterated my the dark aeons since I didn't know how strong they were and kept iniating battles with them not knowing where they were lol.

    3. streethawkfan


      Im just trying to fill in all of the empty nodes on the sphere grid too for the trophy, by time ive done that i'll be ready to face them

    4. TrueWater


      I just got Gamefly again too! Best investment ever! Oh and RPG's = <3

  5. Welcome to psnp!
  6. To anyone I was planning on boosting/playing with, I need to apologize. I won't/haven't been able to play much ps3 because I've been fairly sick. I'll still get some sessions going for next week.

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    2. Beauty Blade
    3. CasaDeBen


      Feel better. Id love to get some tomb raider matches in some time

    4. princekishon12


      Hope you feel better :-P

  7. Hey how Often You On LoL?

    1. Beauty Blade

      Beauty Blade

      All the time. More so than pS3 at the moment because its more convienent. Do you play LoL?

    2. unforgiven323


      cant say that I do . I have tried it but still just cant get the grap of it. I haven't realy gotten to deep in to it

  8. Ice cold Coca Cola
  9. I started playing games more often to keep the spark in my relationship with my significant other. We were apart for a while, so video games was a way for us to interact with each other while we couldn't see each other for months. I used to casually play SNES up to PS2 before Xbox 360 came out. From then on, when we saw each other, we would hook up a ps2 to the Hotel room and play Baldur's Gate or even bust out some dance moves on Dance Dance Revolution. Now, he plays way more often then me, but I'm completely accepting of his gaming as he is of mine. I often help him in games and always look for co-op games to play with him. Plus, it's quite fun to watch him play games I would never touch (teehee). The sort of things he is into, is no doubt RPG's and Warrior games. I wouldn't mind pulling him back over to the PS3 for a while though instead of 360.
  10. Welcome to psnp. You should be able to find plenty of great people to play with on here!
  11. Is there anyway to obtain the missables in Shantytown for Tomb Raider after completing the story? Kind of forgot...and went too far ahead.

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      If you guys cant find another person for that master blaster trophy or need help with any other trophies just let me know and Ill be willing to help

    3. CasaDeBen


      I work 60 hours this week but I am free during the day wednesday and thursday. Failing that next week I am free a lot more lol (i work shifts... its complicated)

    4. xxdmcgee2288xx


      Yo uh, hi! I uh, stumbled upon this here convo & just wanted to say if u guys need any help or boosters for the mp portion hmu on my id. Bout to start online in a day or so.

  12. Hey there! Welcome
  13. Notta notta whole lotta for me. This is a good thing, that there is nothing in November for me, trying to catch up on my games!
  14. Hello! Welcome to psnp !