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  1. Yes
  2. It is a generalized error. The same happens to me.
  3. It is already available in the EU Store.
  4. Have you tried the video method?
  5. Echa un vistazo al Tweet de @PSNProfiles:
  6. I'm using the video method and everything is perfect
  7. In what episode of season 2 have you got the trophy to go over 305km / h with the Rimac?
  8. What advantage does this character have?
  9. Do we have to win at both normal and dark levels? Thanks for all the tips, platinum got
  10. Do we have to win at both normal and dark levels?
  11. It seems to me that to unlock the pieces of the robots you have to play against the AI
  12. The head of TIMOTHY is the last piece to unlock?
  13. I am the same (PSN Spain)
  14. I deleted everything and anything. I've tried over 40 times and ... nothing.
  15. I've tried EVERYTHING and no way :( Any solution??? Thanks