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  1. Could someone tell me how to get the ANOTHER !!! trophy?
  2. 19.45 after trying more than 50 times 😅
  3. OnePlus 6
  4. Trophy achieved. Thank you.
  5. @GearsOfTheDead Could you explain to me how the cocktail trophy is achieved?
  6. Yes, there are several that can only be done at some point in the game. Or those related to puzzles that must be done first.
  7. Do you know how the special cocktail is made?
  8. I'm playing it and it seems like an easy platinum
  9. Yes
  10. It is a generalized error. The same happens to me.
  11. It is already available in the EU Store.
  12. Have you tried the video method?
  13. Echa un vistazo al Tweet de @PSNProfiles:
  14. I'm using the video method and everything is perfect