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  1. Happened to me on Walking Dead. I went offline, deleted my save and it worked.
  2. I've been having the problem too. I finished episode one and came back the next day and tried to play and had a loading screen forever. I've deleted my save, I've deleted the game and reinstalled. No luck.
  3. I'll be platinuming this, can't wait to play. Loved Ashes Cricket.
  4. AC Unity. One of the worst games you'll play.
  5. Really enjoyed the other Constructor and I'll be grabbing this. I platinumed the other one, so let's make it another. Looks pretty easy.
  6. I got Geared out when I picked up two grey guns
  7. Not really luck if you know cricket. They make wrong calls all the time.
  8. Ive had it for about a week. Haven't really played too much, its basically the same as the other darksiders. If you like them, youll like this.
  9. For whatever reason no matter how good the game is, people will hate it. People have just made an assumption and go with it. Happens a lot lately. I personally am excited to play it.
  10. This game was actually kinda fun for a bit, if its cheap I might grab it. Trophies look easy enough.
  11. This sums up a perfect trophy list for a casual game like this. Make the gamer do everything it has to offer but make it achievable enough that they can get all the trophies for it. There needs to be more games that are big like Battlefield that can encourage people who don't care about trophies, to maybe start caring.
  12. I'm playing it right now, seems like you can't see what objectives you need to do for each mission. Might need to replay every one, until a guide is there.
  13. Looks like it's going to be a pretty tough platinum. Zombie trophies always seem tough to me. Multiplayer and blackout is a breeze though.
  14. Well I personally think its a nice idea. More stats the better.
  15. Richmond will get it done