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  1. Was actually wondering about this the other day. Never thought it would make it. Still not convinced yet but, hopefully it’s good because I really enjoyed the first two.
  2. Awesome, just bought it on the ps3 recently as it’s a game that’s always intrigued me. Pretty fun in the end.
  3. I’ve gone back and started playing any hidden gems on ps3 I missed. I love that ps3 games are often only 15-20 hours to complete instead of the usual 60+ open world format we have on every major game now. With limited time, it’s good as a trophy hunter to keep finishing off games and making progress. It’s annoying to put 4 hours into a game and barely make a dint into the overall completion. I don’t mind it for some games, but it feels like it’s common place for current generation. PS3 will just forever be special to me.
  4. I’ve been trying to platinum planet coaster for the last few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s not for everyone but I love these types of games.
  5. They are looking to do a lot of patches over the next few weeks, so hopefully soon.
  6. Pretty gutted. Finished the game got every collectible but the Pisco Dice mission got me. As it’s still asking me to seek the outlaws despite having it done. So everything is done other than that one side mission technically. I should’ve checked before I started the game about the glitched mission. I found out when I was already half way through. Well, there goes another game that’ll sit unfinished. 🤬
  7. Ran around for hours on all the islands only to have missed Mount Psophis!
  8. Yes it does.
  9. I finished it in 10mins 7 seconds. Heartbreaker. It’s not too difficult it’s just the length that’s the problem. Trying to focus for that long even when you pause and come back to it is tricky.
  10. Just had a look and it's really good. I'll bookmark this for future use. I appreciate you having the different currencies involved because its always a pain looking at websites online and it's in USD.
  11. Use the ram button (x) around corners and tap the handbrake (circle) to help get around corners easier, obviously it is a must that you slow down and take each corner slow, especially the first one. Took me 2 hours to get it done and I'm pretty lousy at racing games.
  12. The gameplay itself is pretty decent and the career mode has some neat features but overall the game still feels 10 years behind other sport games. You'd have to love tennis to find much enjoyment out of this.
  13. FFS this is hugely disapointing, I guess it really means that there's not going to be any depth in this game at all.
  14. Happened to me on Walking Dead. I went offline, deleted my save and it worked.