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  1. alright I'm back, the plat is pretty much mine now just need the online trophy to get it . This game is a bit unfair and my 10/10 difficulty but it was also loads of fun. The only parts I had problems with was the wipeout 2048 campaign the zones section of it and both zicos. And a few races I needed to retry due to the ai ganging up on me
  2. beat zico hd beat zico 2048 wipeout omega collection, 2048 took me 263 laps and hd took me 478 laps both are very difficult trophies >.<
  3. you could try the ps app, you should be able to delete it from there.
  4. going for wipeout omega collection
  5. wipeout omega collection- elite completist. This trophy alone makes the plat a 10/10 difficulty especially as a new player going in its a steep learning curve. The hardest part is the zones some of the requirements were a lot >.<.
  6. These zones are really difficult I'm only stuck on the subway now not really sure what ship to use for it. guess complaining about it works anyways I was able to clear it with faizer agility.
  7. I recommend getting a slim, I had the super slim and it just felt flimsy and the laser stopped working after a while. you should be able to get one pretty cheap, just recently bought a slim for about $100 160gb going to switch it out at some point.
  8. I started in the 2048 campaign and struggling with the time trials, not sure if it will be easier with a different ship. Only have 2 ships unlocked currently fasier and something else. So far I find this game 10/10 difficulty , Going to keep at it and probably update again if I plat it or give up completely.
  9. Plat 3 infamous second son Plat difficulty: 4/10 enjoyment: 10/10 time to plat: 15hours Excellent game every trophy is pretty simple, liked how all the collectibles were on done no need to watch a guide or anything like that. The story was great
  10. Plat #2: stray
  11. Plat# 1 Final fantasy 8 Took about 13hours to finish, the boosters made this game a lot easier