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  1. Close to the plat for NFS Payback. Just need 3 stars in all drift and speed run activities 

  2. Anyone have an tips for the Paparazzi speedtrap in NFS Payback? It's the last one I need and I can't get past 147mph

    1. Beeinhollywood


      And minutes after I posted, I got it after changing from mph to kmh 🙄

  3. Almost finished my essay on Chartism. Looking forward to being able to study without a deadline again and have more time to game! ...and read,lol

  4. Started Battlefield Hardline :)

  5. Has the 'Save video clip' option on PS4 been greyed out for anyone else? It took a minute or two for it to actually show as white so I could select it :/

    1. Beeinhollywood


      Forgot to add: it's not the first time this has happened.. Sometimes I have to press the share button more than once for it to appear

    2. Elvick_


      It always takes a second for my PS4 to show the options for saving a clip/screenshot when you hold the button. I think it was like that even before the new ingame overlay too. But it's been so long I don't remember now. Definitely weird it would take minutes for you.

    3. Beeinhollywood


      Hm, weird. It used to only take seconds for me. I've seen online that rebuild database fixes it, even for a little while so I'm going to try that

  6. GTA IV & GTA V. Too time consuming, and I've always found the online for both games confusing
  7. No turkey for me this year. My nan made curry goat and macaroni cheese 😂😍

  8. Need for Speed are aware and are working on the problem There will be an update with a fix, apparently
  9. 1st Jan to 17th December - 1812 to 2264 (+452) - 564 to 676 (+112) - 193 to 247 (+54) - 44 to 55 (+11) Hmm, probably not my best year. I took a lot of unplanned breaks from gaming. I did work a little on my backlog though. If I remember correctly, Jan to March were my best months. Best game: Definitely Horizon Zero Dawn. I choose not to buy it on release due to money and because I was waiting for TWD Series 3, which wasn't that great, so I regret not buying it then, but I'm glad a friend was able to lend it to me and I played it during the summer. Worst game: It hurts me to say this because I'm such a big fan of the franchise, but it was Need for Speed Payback. The 3 character thing just doesn't work for this series. The handling is crap and the cops are super aggressive. After playing it a bit more, I started to like it more, but it it is still bad. Oh, and it taught me to remember about Black Friday. I never really pay attention to it, but I wish I had because I could have bought the game for £35 instead of the £50 the week before 😖 Trophy of the Year: Platinum Trophy Earn all Need for Speed: The Run Trophies I was starting to think I would never plat this game! I was so relieved when it popped! Hopefully one day I will have all plats for every game in the series!
  10. Enjoying Need for Speed Payback a bit more now I've got some extra time to dedicate to gaming. 

  11. I'm 24 today! I've got yummy chocolate PlayStation cupcakes :D

    1. DamagingRob


      Happy Birthday!

    2. marvelboy10


      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday dear @Beeinhollywood

      Happy birthday to you. :yay:1f370.png1f382.png 1f368.png1f389.png1f381.png1f388.png

    3. Beeinhollywood
  12. Wasn't sure it was a teaser for TLOU Part 2 at first, then I recognised the gunfire, and thought 'Could it be?' then I thought 'nah' until the clickers! O: O:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Beeinhollywood


      I've seen a few people say it could be Ellie's mum. I never thought of that 

    3. Lucas


      Yeah, there have speculations about Ellie's mum since that Uncharted 4 easter egg and after this trailer I see a possibility that Ellie's mum is actually gonna be of importance in Part II because I also don't think that was Ellie :P.

      Also, for those of you who haven't seen it already, a little bit TLOU Part II in the post-show: 



    4. Lucas


      I noticed that they call the clickers ''demons'' in this trailers so I definitely think this is just at the beginning of the outbreak. Also, the character that looked a lot like Ellie is probably Ellie's mom. Her attacker also put a knife against her stomach, indicating what could be pregnancy (like the easter-egg in Uncharted 4).

  13. Omg, why have I never thought of this? 😂 I might just do it this year, and make it the very easy, LEGO Batman 2. I should have finished it months ago, haha
  14. Ugh, I hope not! I've bought the game, but I haven't got around to actually playing it yet