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  1. #62 Aer: Memories of Old. A lovely game. The fly is the best part though, haha! 

  2. 1 million strums in GHTV, finally! 

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    2. Beeinhollywood



      And @Squirlruler, nah I'm good, lol. @SlimSanta94Whoever came up with it is insane.

      Never.  @Lorajet.  😂

    3. Spyro


      Did you break your guitar in the process? :P

    4. Beeinhollywood


      @SpyroHaha, no. Though I was very tempted to smash it myself after the trophy popped. 

  3. I have broken it up into 50,000 strums a day. Half in the morning, half at night so I stay sane. I'll reach 700k today, and though I'm getting bored, it's manageable. Thankfully, I only have a week left. I started this at around 300k, after getting all other GHTV trophies.
  4. After all my searching, I'm assuming there definitely isn't a way to save manually in more than one spot, and so my original choices have now gone because I had to go back and clean up the remaining trophies? They should have left them as 'just play through the game' trophies.
  5. 12 millions points and 700k strums left until I am finally finished with the Guitar Hero online

    1. Squirlruler


      The grind is reallllll. GL.

    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  6. Just prise them up. It'll take a little work. Here's a vid
  7. It can be done on Regular, and Cry of Achilles is the easiest and only song on Regular with 1000+ notes. Use the safetynet hero power on parts you usually mess up on, and try to slow yourself down a little when playing. I found I was always playing a bit too quickly, which was another reason why I couldn't get the streak. Also, watch someone else play through it on YouTube. I found I was able to grasp it better after doing that. Beat of luck.
  8. Easy fix. Just take them off and pop them back on again. I had this issue recently, and found others had too.
  9. When you've finished playing, don't quit to the main menu where you select the Live or GHTV modes. Usually, that's when it corrupts. Just close the application down. I usually back up the save after doing that, then open the game again to check my progress
  10. OMG I am shaking! I finally got the 1000 note streak trophy in Guitar Hero Live! I saw 950 streak pop up, and the nerves kicked in, but told myself to calm down or I'll mess it up. I didn't even finish the last few notes because I was so excited 😂

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    2. kingdrake2


      congrats on the achievement, that's a high class feat nuff said.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on the trophy :)


      That's a totally relatable feeling, when you're trying to something excruciatingly hard on game and you need to stay focused but then, you have those thoughts in the back about possibly screwing things up and then your heart starts racing, which make the whole thing even harder >.<


      More often than not I end up screwing the whole thing lol xD

    4. ee28max


      Well done on the trophy! 👍

  11. Find a song you like to play and know you can reach the top positions in, and play it 18 times. I did it with Chop Suey! on Regular Also, when you've finished playing, don't quit to the menu. Just close the application. Apparently that helps with the corruption issue. And if you have Plus, back your save to the cloud each time you finish, just in case.
  12. Result! I found a code for Hero Cash for Guitar Hero Live in my drawer. (Worth £15.99) It said it expired in October 2017. Thought I'd try it anyway, and it still worked! 😁

    1. nenugalimas


      When youre done playing around with your time machine, Id like to borrow it. For non-nefarious purposes of course :ninja:


      When youre done playing around with your time machine, Id like to borrow it. For non-nefarious purposes of course :ninja:


    2. Beeinhollywood


      😂 I'll send it your way soon!