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  1. Really looking forward to The Walking Dead! I'm hoping it is a lot better than Series 3. Not bothered about The Wolf Among Us as I really didn't like the first
  2. Persona 5 soundtrack is £58.34 on Amazon. I had a £40 voucher from taking part in a survey so I bought the soundtrack for just £18.34. Haha, RESULT! 😃

    1. EternalChaos72


      58 for a soundtrack?! Jesus that seems a bit steep

    2. Beeinhollywood


      I know, it's terrible! :/

  3. 3000 trophies :D

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    2. DamagingRob



    3. Beeinhollywood


      Thanks everyone!  

    4. ee28max


      Congrats on the new milestone! :yay: 

  4. I have to take my cat to see the vet :(

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    2. Beeinhollywood


      She keeps being sick. It was red at one point yesterday (it wasn't a lot) but she was still her normal self, so I kept a close eye on her. She's still jumping in and out of her new box and eating/drinking, so she's not ill enough for emergency treatment but I'm going to get her booked in for asap tomorrow.

    3. NullRay85


      Sounds like a minor problem, but still worth a trip to the vet. Hope she'll be OK soon. 

    4. DamagingRob


      Hope she's okay. Never fun, taking your pet in. 

  5. Amazon have just dispatched my copy a day earlier than was scheduled. Here's hoping Royal Mail will be super nice and deliver it tomorrow and not Friday. The delivery method I have is Prime's One Day after all *fingers crossed*
  6. Not a Game of Thrones fan, but I'll download the game because it's telltale! I was going to borrow Until Dawn from a friend but I'm not sure if it's one I want to play now. I'll still put it in my download list, just in case. Not sure what the other games are but I may check them out
  7. Almost ruined my new PlayStation trousers with nail varnish 😱

    1. nenugalimas


      Ruined them... or made them better? :awesome:

  8. Ooh, I've just reached trophy level 20 :)

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    2. ee28max


      Job well done! :yay: Was it a Platinum that boosted you?

    3. DamagingRob



    4. Beeinhollywood


      @ee28max No, it was the first story related trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn, which is also my 100th game played :D

  9. Borrowed Horizon Zero Dawn from a friend.  Looking forward to playing it! :D

    1. nenugalimas


      Have fun!

    2. ee28max


      Great game. Hope you have fun! :D 

    3. Precision-Playyy


      Amazing game!

  10. That's just mean lol
  11. OMG. I am so happy this is released on my birthday! :D Also, I like the look of the game so far
  12. HELP! My PS4 won't turn off. It still shows the slow flashing white light when it's powering down. Done it twice in the last 10 mins. Don't want to pull the plug again :/

    1. SarDarniTron
    2. Beeinhollywood


      Hah, thanks! The vid made me realise I wasn't holding down the power button long enough for it to shut down, only to reboot. Unplugged cord for a while, turned it on and it powered down correctly this time. Hopefully it won't do it again.

    3. SarDarniTron


      : ) glad it was helpful

  13. Starting to get a little annoyed with Telltale. Their games are great, but they're so unreliable. They could have just said PS4 release is 31st and not get our hopes up. (I know it's only an extra day, but still. They kept advertising it for the 30th) Plus they don't release their games on the Vita any more!
  14. That's the account that messaged me. I just said 'No, I'm good thanks.' and haven't heard anything since, lol
  15. I'm online now and just received the same message, but from a different user :/