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  1. Hm, I won't have much time to test so will probably sit this one out. But group owner or not, I think all should be allowed to delete message groups. I hate the leave feature.. still wondering why they changed it to that
  2. Ugh, this trophy glitched on me, and I didn't know it was glitched until this weekend. Months after I last played because of uni. I pasted 1-5 of them back them with two other characters and finished the rest today with a third. The 100k one did too, but it popped when I loaded the game on Saturday, so it didn't take long to correct itself. (I bought more clothes when playing on Friday) Hoping this post will make the trophy pop when I next load up the game, because that usually happens with situations like this, lol. Edit: Ok, for me the issue was the game didn't mark the paste up located at Lambeth - The Stage and although I had already been there before. I'm guessing it just didn't save? It didn't even show on my map as being discovered, let alone completed. Annoyingly, I went through every single one again, and that was the last one when the trophy popped
  3. I really really like the look of this!
  4. That's extremely annoying if true. I don't use the store via the consoles because I find it hard to use. Sometimes I find I can't see what I'm looking for either, even when using the search option. I prefer using the store via the web/app (hoping I've read this correctly. I have just woken up, lol)
  5. I looked on the site it's showing on as it won't update for me on the console/app yet. I was 25, I'm now at 382
  6. Yep, that's what they've said on twitter. Shame because it would have been easier for a lot of people if it was active over the weekend.
  7. Ty From Monday, yes.
  8. Ugh, sorry i cant get it to work/insert properly
  9. I got that too Servers were down for maintenance yesterday and they seem to be ok atm. It's a strange game. I was eliminated during a final, but then it said I had won. When it was giving me my rewards, it said I was eliminated during round 4 o_O Managed to save a video of it showing this.
  10. I say keep going! I hit 27 today, (went from 21-26 yesterday) aimed for 30 but I had some things to do away from gaming, so I had to stop, but I am going to keep playing for the rest of the week. I'm getting better and now placing higher more often and reaching finals. If I don't reach 40 in this season, I feel like I won't ever reach it because I'll eventually get tired of trying.
  11. 3 race wins and I've literally just won my first episode. I'm so relieved! Edit: Second episode win 1 hour later.. It really does get easier after the first! 😂
  12. 1 race win. That's it. Just finished playing for a little over an hour and I kept getting to the final, so I'm slowly getting there to an episode win.
  13. Omg, I even looked in the sky but I didn't go high enough and wasn't close to it anyway. Thank you!!
  14. Anyone know if it's possible to redo a quest or would I have to replay the game? 😩 I finally started on the remaining bricks towards 100%, got to 49/50 in Apocalypseburg and it says I have 1 brick left on the map to find, but I have already done the quest at the beginning of the game. It's the one where you find the sewer babies..
  15. Disk version, definitely 🙂