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  1. Started 2020 with no plans for tattoos. Month 8, I got my first. Month 11, my second. Month 12 will hopefully be my 3rd and 4th. I've asked my artist if he has any availability after we come out of lockdown. 😂

  2. Loaded up LBP2 after a long time away and my save file doesn't exist 😩 Not sure what happened because I definitely didn't delete it. It's not even in the cloud

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    2. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      That's a shame, LBP2 is still my favourite game in the series but I haven't played the new one. Lots of DLC though, I don't know if the 100% is still obtainable unless you'd already purchased everything required.

    3. Scorpiio93


      Ah, ok... probably happened when I upgraded the hard drive then. It would also explain why the game data was reinstalled today.. Ty :)@Cleggworth


      I definitely prefer the first game, lol. I'm not bothered about 100%, just wanted to get any easy trophies I've missed to bring my unearned count down :)@Metal Slime King

    4. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Well, at least we can all agree that the 3rd game wasn't the best. :awesome:

  3. 😩 In the itchy tattoo stage. #help 

  4. My second tattoo is 2 days old. I'm trying to figure out why I decided on getting it on my lower leg, during the cold months, lol. I can't put clothing over it, it hurts 😅 #regretstage 🤣

    1. Cobbsquatch


      Least you won't have the sun damaging it while it's healing tho :P


    2. Scorpiio93


      Haha, that's true! 

  5. Saw a phone shop where I live selling 'Doubleshock 4', controllers for £35 today 😂

  6. I really really like the look of this!
  7. That's extremely annoying if true. I don't use the store via the consoles because I find it hard to use. Sometimes I find I can't see what I'm looking for either, even when using the search option. I prefer using the store via the web/app (hoping I've read this correctly. I have just woken up, lol)
  8. I looked on the site it's showing on as it won't update for me on the console/app yet. I was 25, I'm now at 382
  9. Yep, that's what they've said on twitter. Shame because it would have been easier for a lot of people if it was active over the weekend.
  10. Ty From Monday, yes.
  11. Ugh, sorry i cant get it to work/insert properly
  12. I got that too Servers were down for maintenance yesterday and they seem to be ok atm. It's a strange game. I was eliminated during a final, but then it said I had won. When it was giving me my rewards, it said I was eliminated during round 4 o_O Managed to save a video of it showing this.
  13. Ugh, keep reaching rounds 4/5 in Fall Guys and then getting server errors and losing Fame 😠

  14. I say keep going! I hit 27 today, (went from 21-26 yesterday) aimed for 30 but I had some things to do away from gaming, so I had to stop, but I am going to keep playing for the rest of the week. I'm getting better and now placing higher more often and reaching finals. If I don't reach 40 in this season, I feel like I won't ever reach it because I'll eventually get tired of trying.