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  1. #75 Bus Simulator. I should have been within the first 50 to plat, but after 'All Mine' failed to pop, I left it for 2 months. I gave it another go on a second save, starting yesterday and I was so worried it wasn't going to work but it finally popped! 😌


    Now I have to finish LEGO Incredibles because I'm gifting it to my nephews for Christmas 😁

  2. Well, I finally got the trophy and the plat! I took yesterday and today off from studying and started a new profile (keeping my old one just in case) and I played through the game again. This time, I decided to connect every single stop (78) when I reached the mission where you have to have 90% of your unlocked stops on a profitable route, and I drove the whole thing. It took me 3 hrs, including breaks. I noticed both Cathedral stops would still flash while I was driving the route. Once I completed it, I created a short route from the Central Bus Station, including those two stops, and connected to a couple of stops which had a number of routes crossing them. It popped after this! (I didn't delete any existing routes I was told to make) I don't know if this is how it's unlocked, but I thought I would mention what I tried. Best of luck to those still trying to get it.
  3. Gosh, I've literally just walked out of the cinema after seeing the new film early in previews and looked online to buy the game. Couldn't find it anywhere, and decided to add it to rent with the company I use when I saw this thread. I think I'll wait for now, lol. I hope it gets updated for those of you who have started playing!
  4. Is there a difference between No Man's Sky & No Man's Sky Beyond? 

    1. LegacyJKO09


      from their website 

      "Update 2.0, Beyond, massively expands the multiplayer experience introduced in NEXT, takes immersion to a whole new level with fully-fledged Virtual Reality, overhauls base building, NPCs, technology trees, and much, much more.

      Marking the three year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, this is our largest update so far, broadening the experience across the entire game"


      so it just has the update already. 

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Buying NMS will net you everything after, everything is free update so far. Had a recent update 2days ago called "Synthesis". Really nice they keep adding to the game, but no extra trophies.

    3. Scorpiio93


      Ah, ok thank you :)

  5. Hm, that's odd. Definitely not what I've been told, which is that they're aware and working on a fix. I have connected the stops many, many times. I know there is someone out there who has messaged them and has unlocked All Mine but not the 75% trophy 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for posting though, I'll give it another shot I guess
  6. 100% The Unicorn Princess. Nice way to relax after finishing an essay, haha

  7. Had a Sony Xperia Z5 and XZ Premium as my last two phones but I decided to go back to Samsung, so my S10 arrived today. Loving it 😁

  8. I like the look of the list. Still don't know if I will definitely play the game (I managed to get a copy on rent, just in case), but I am quite interested in it.
  9. Give it time, there's a lot they're working on. They've released a number of updates since the game was released in September, so they do care. I have the disk version and it glitched.
  10. No, unfortunately. I'm still waiting to see if the patch will help. According to the devs on twitter, they're working on a big one which should be out soon.
  11. #74 Far Cry 5. Now to try and get through the night with this toothache 😣

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Hope the pain goes away soon.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Scorpiio93


      Thanks all :)

      & Root canal needed unfortunately :(

  12. Time for a new name. I was 'Beeinhollywood' for almost 9 years :)

    1. BlindMango


      No more Beeinhollywood? =O Pressing F to pay respects

    2. BlazikieronUS
    3. ee28max
  13. Ugh, I'm a tad jealous. The trophy won't pop for me at all. I had to contact the devs and have to wait for a patch Glad you got it in the end
  14. Platinum #73 Need for Speed: Payback. (ABOUT TIME!!) The speedruns and drifts gave me the most trouble, which is unusual for me and a NFS game. Really thought I wouldn't get the plat.