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  1. No, this service was discontinued.
  2. Crossplay is enabled
  3. Never really heard of this sort of situation, so if you earn 8 out of 18 trophies in a game on 1 console and sync, then earn the other 10 out of 18 on the other then sync later, will the platinum trophy unlock once all trophies have synced? I think that's what I'm getting from this.
  4. Mainly looking forward to: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Dead Space Remake Hollow Knight: Silksong Dead Island 2 Jedi Survivor And replaying plenty of catalogued titles from previous years.
  5. Platinum 57/58 - Hollow Knight EU/NA Difficulty 5/10 - Enjoyment 5/10 Time - 23 hours 41 mins/12 hours 22 mins A great game, however I was clueless about the story. Second playthrough was definitely easier once I got the map memorised. Plenty of content and tough bosses as well. If you're a fan of metroidvanias, this is the game to play.
  6. Kills are tracked accumulative on one save file only, they don't track across multiple. I was grinding kills and then saved, started the excalibur 2 speedrun and then came back to grinding afterwards. Kills still tracked on the first save and I unlocked it 5 hours of grinding later. I totalled roughly 16 hours of grinding for kills, excluding the ones I did during the story.
  7. Platinum #54 - Final Fantasy IX Difficulty 8/10 - Enjoyment 10/10 Heroes of Gaia 7.37% My first Final Fantasy game I ever played and most enjoyed. A great story and a notoriously tough trophy. This completion leaves 2 more Final Fantasy titles in my current catalogue to go until I take a break from this series, but I am definitely waiting for the 1-6 pixel remasters. Looking back on this run, I could have potentially got a quicker time, however I couldn't stand grinding the kills in one day. Best of luck to anyone wishing to attempt 'Hail to the King'.
  8. The problem with these ports is that the original was designed to be played on CRT. The original release was more forgiving than this version. Anyways, for the whole 200-300 sequence I watched the rope, as it hit the apex of the swing I hit X and then when Vivi landed I pressed X again, giving that galloping jump. I practiced for maybe 8 hours, however I have beaten this before on PS1 and emulation. 0-100 and 300 onwards is the easy part, if you can get 200-300 then its alot easier.
  9. You have to keep getting more kills until it unlocks. You can delete your save profile and start again with Battlemode 2.0 from scratch perhaps. I didn't have any issues, I have also helped a few people out with this and they also had no issues with trophies unlocking. The milestone menu tracking is just a visual aid, it was messed up when the game first launched so I wouldn't take it as 100% accurate.
  10. Final Fantasy IX - Skip to my Lou Jump rope 100 times without tripping. Followed by... Final Fantasy IX - Hail to the King Jump rope 1000 times without tripping and obtain King of Jump Rope. Off to a great start to 2023. Happy new year trophy hunters 🎉
  11. Platinum #51(100%) Minecraft Story Mode Difficuly 1/10, Enjoyment 6/10 A great game to sit down and play through without having to fuss about anything but the great story. Only 2 missable trophies which were very hard to miss. I like the whole choice mechanism and seeing the outcome later in the game. Platinum #52 Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Difficulty 1/10, Enjoyment 6/10 Continuing the story from the first game, another enjoyable game to just essentially watch and input choices. It's a shame this company went under as subsequent seasons would have been cool to see. Platinum #53 Final Fantasy VIII Difficulty 3/10, Enjoyment 4/10 My least favourite Final Fantasy... The draw and junction system really crippled this game and is probably the main thing I hate about it. The story is okay, but has a few plot holes. Looking forward to 9 and 10 after slogging through this one.
  12. Yes, as long as they start the match in your party. If you start a match without them and then they join, it wont work.
  13. My comment was satire, it was aimed at someone who was complaining about others autopopping and stacking games.
  14. Why on earth do you need 20? Regardless, the maximum users you can have on one PS5 is 16, that's according to Sony. You can play with 1 user at a time and have 4 logged in at once for local coop. Not saying you will, but if you intend on any form of account or game sharing you'll not be happy with the outcome from Sony.
  15. You've chosen to ignore content by megacoolermensch.