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  1. I'm referring to early access, more than anything. Looking at some recent games, Resident Evil 4 has a platinum achiever who earned a trophy 10 days before the game was released. I think that is taking the piss a bit compared to time zone difference. Surely this is some sort of oversight, where people could exploit this system to unlock trophies before release date, then claim they have early access. Like i said, this doesn't affect me as i dont purchased day one releases, i just know it affects friends i play with and it doesn't seem too fair tbh.
  2. Hey all, just have a question about the leaderboards that has me stumped. Now I will say this doesn't really affect me because I don't buy day one titles. Anyways, how is it fair to allow people who get early access copies of games to participate in first achiever leaderboards? Doesn't really seem fair, if not everyone can gain access to a copy. I mean, they have earned trophies before release date, so how is this allowed?
  3. Turtle Beach make some really good headsets for the price they are asking. The Stealth 600 is in your price range and comes with some basic colours. The noise quality is great, adjustable EQ through an app if that's your sort of thing. The battery life is supposed to last 24+ hours, which is 3x longer than what a PS5 controller seems to last. If you had the budget I would suggest the Stealth 700, which is a step up, but the 600 is a great headset too. I previously used the Astro A40 and A50, which was absolute junk for the price I paid.
  4. This one has how to get trophies in creative mode. You can switch between the modes using Command Blocks, which some trophies will require survival mode. I had a go at this glitch maybe 4 months ago and it worked on my alt account. If you have a keyboard it will make inputting commands a lot easier as well.
  5. Platinum 66 + 67 - The Legend Of Dragoon It's a pretty good game, which I had to play twice for obvious trophy reasons. It's somehow very different to what I remember playing when I was a lot more youthful, however I do remember the characters and the addition callouts. The story was a bit blurry, however once I sort of got to the end of the game it all started to come together. I did get this game for free with PS deluxe, however I would have been happy to fork out the coin to play this classic. The trophies were fairly straightforward, only a couple of trophies that could have been overlooked, however there is plenty of collectibles guides out there. In regards to the difficulty and if you intend on playing this, do yourself a favour and look up Legend Casques, this seriously makes all enemies pushovers, even late game. First playthrough didn't have them, second playthrough I had 2 and flew through everything. Other than that, fairly straightforward, you can rewind the game if you mess up additions or want to change character moves etc so it's not as hard as the original. Difficulty: 4-5/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Duration PS4: 3 Days 7 Hours Duration PS5: 23 Hours 11 Minutes
  6. If that person hosting a realm or a world has used nefarious means to create it to autopop trophies for others, those people who used it are culpable as well. I'm sure if you dig through the disputes thread, Cookiest has a few specifically for minecraft, all to do with public save file usage and CFW. If you just want to unlock trophies there is a glitch which allows you to use command blocks to trick creative mode so you can just create items or mobs without having the challenge. It's not that difficult to do either. 100% excluding multiplayer and 100 days trophy might take you 10-20 hours of actual gameplay with the glitch.
  7. Not too sure you would want to be taking advice from a well known cheater, especially considering people have been removed from the leader boards from using public save files. If you ask this dude nicely you could even use his save files.
  8. The game used to have an in game cheat exploit, which was recently patched and had trophy descriptions changed to suit.
  9. 1. Dragon Lair, however experience grinding in this game is not really required unless you choose to do non trophy related quests. 2. Legend Casques are what you want. I beat the game with 1 with minimal issues. You can do the ghost ship chest quest to get another 5k easy from selling the ultimate wargod. 3. I personally used Haschel/Albert as their additions were maxed by the time I entered disc 4. I spent the game using them the most and their additions reflected that. At the final boss all 3 characters were level 38.
  10. Can confirm, did act 1-6 nightmare/no hope solo with either Tala or Holly and a similar build. Melee build with bots brings the difficulty down significantly. Act 6 is the worst out of all the acts on no hope, so having a hive entry show up is salvation.
  11. Platinum 64 + 65 + 💯 - Back 4 Blood (PS4 + PS5) This. Game. Is. Tough. Not going to lie at all with that fact. Was a bit sceptical going into this game with reading about the difficulty and whether or not I would be getting somewhat sweaty. Not the most difficult game I have played, however surely is up there, especially with the DLC. This game is basically a roguelike FPS, that throws you into a campaign story, which you can either play solo or with others. There is a built in card/deck mechanic allows players to build their own character utilising said feature, with the game's main characters aka 'the cleaners'. With this card system you can be a healer, shotgunner, melee/tank or whatever suits your playstyle. The game also throws its own 'corruption cards' into the mix to change the level dynamic slightly or make things extremely tough. This allows some form of replay, however on the higher difficulty, this can make or break your chances of succeeding throughout campaign missions. The story was sort of interesting on what was happening, however I felt a slight disconnect from some characters where the story could have been fleshed out a little bit more. It would have been great to have more DLC perhaps, or each character have their own applicable sub-plot. However, I understand that they were essentially trying to make something very similar to Left 4 Dead, and may have lost some inspiration along the way. Even though this may or may not be the case, this game is great to play solo or with your friends. The difficulty, well it's there and once you move on from recruit to veteran/nightmare difficulties, it ramps up pretty quickly. Friendly fire is enabled on everything above recruit and the higher the difficulty, the more damage you do. The enemy of the game, 'The Ridden' are a serious pain in the ass on those higher difficulties. Infinite spawning areas on some levels makes working through tough areas even tougher. If you intend on playing this game, please do yourself a favour and use the 'Down in Front' card, this is probably one of the most important. The DLC was particularly difficult on 'No Hope' difficulty. I hated the acid mutations with a passion, that and tallboys with light speed melee. Although it only took a few attempts at getting some good RNG with cards and drops in the DLC, my patience was tested. Overall, a tough and enjoyable game which I recommend to anyone looking for a decent challenge. Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Duration: 5 days, 46 minutes
  12. The 'Are We Cool' trophy is the only class related trophy. The Jew class also has some serious debuffs that make this game a cake walk compared to the other ones.
  13. Use Outrider's Vision Pulse ability, you will get the Tag and Bag medal for 1 kill of a pulsed enemy. As the pulse has pretty good range and enemies remain pulsed for a few seconds, its alot easier than the other specialists.
  14. Second controller with second account or with a friend. Whoever sits in the chair first gets the god mode.
  15. I was under the assumption that once a guide is completed for a game, creating duplicate guides that detract or have less quality from the first wont be approved. Optinooby's guide has everything for 100% so I'm unsure whether an incomplete guide will be approved.