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  1. Step 1. Implement achievement based trophy system Step 2. Implement shareplay function to help with said trophies Step 3. ??? Step 4. Profit
  2. The manufacturer (sony) have designed their consoles and products with the sole intent of making money, not a pleasant experience. They don't allow you to use the product you purchased and own the way you wish. Jailbreaking is great for those who wish to use a product they paid for, for other uses. Want to play PS1 titles on PS5 via emulation? Sure go for it. Rather than pay sony to play their 'classic catalogue' for titles that are long since expired. I personally believe that you should be able to modify a product you own to form any function you wish, however as long as their is no malicious intent. Sony doesn't like this because they are greedy and will lose money on stuff like emulation, even though the IP sold 20 years ago. Imagine you buy a car and the OEM tells you that you can only drive it the way they tell you to. What madness.
  3. TLOU2 Remake, PS5 Ultimate Deluxe Edition
  4. The issue is that there is some users who are at the top of the fastest 100% leaderboards which have clearly cheated, yet can't be reported. Due to the fact they have previously been reported and nothing came of it, suprise suprise no dispute.
  5. If they could read they would be very upset with what you've just said.
  6. I made 3 guides showing how to unlock the cosmetic items and some of the easier challenges to get them. If you boost, you can play sector. Get A and B close to eachother and swap captures without allowing for complete captures. Some people say you can get this done in 8 hours but that's not entirely true.
  7. If you are using the wildlife exploitation preserve mission strategy, having more players in your game increases the likelihood of jenkins spawning.
  8. Stroke the Hedgehog 2
  9. As in, gently caress or rub. I imagine it being a hedgehog it may not be a pleasant stroke.
  10. This game sounds like the unwanted and unexpected spin-off of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  11. DOOM 3 Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 8/10 I enjoy the DOOM franchise and this game is a great title. First time playing this on Playstation and it ran exceptionally well, considering how old the title is. This game was definitely made for PC though, having to R1 through weapons wasn't ideal. All 3 campaigns had plenty to do, heaps of collectibles to miss and alot of enemies that seem to like sneaking up on you. Nightmare wasn't too bad, the enemy hitscan and bullet sponges got old though. Let's not mention Imps that seem to bend space-time to jump around corners, not sure what that was about. I enjoyed the challenge, the story is quite decent and is refreshing to play one of the classics. I definitely recommend this game to others looking for a challenge.
  12. I can agree with this statement. Plenty of reports on my old account at some users only to never see a flag applied or a dispute raised when they have clearly done something flaggable.
  13. Considering the person who is currently 1st on the leaderboards used it and it's not flaggable, no you wont be flagged.
  14. Doom Eternal (Mick Gordon) - The Only Thing They Fear Is You. Everytime I hear this, it makes me want to play ultra-nightmare.
  15. I thought all DLCs can be purchased from within the game itself. The same sort of thing for Black Ops 1. Just make sure you have funds in your wallet before you try to purchase.