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  1. Awesome List Emblem U had Drakengard 3 done before me, Bet we would never do it again Hahaha.
  2. Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PSV) OMG!! Unlocked the "OMG" Breast Motion Setting
  3. Dead Nation (PS3) Romero Would Be Proud Collect All Trophies Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyable 8-9/10 Thank's to Lou for helping with the Co-Op run.
  4. Dead Nation (PS3) Morbid Curiosity Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid' Very Dead Complete A Mission On 'Undead' Now all that is left is Co-Op.
  5. Dead Nation (PS3) Combo Master Get the Apocalypse Combo Kill Bonus (150 Kills) Keep It Up Complete a Round with a Kills-per-minute rate of 100 or more Now if could get the Vita one's done..
  6. Lone Survivor Director's Cut Grounded Complete the game without using a mirror to travel Antagonist Complete the game using one piece of rotting meat and no flares Old Man Discover the Blue Ending
  7. Lumines Electronic Symphony Winner Takes It All Unlock all Skins and all Avatars. Now just need Avatar Addict to 100%... Have no clue how many time's I've used it. LoL
  8. Is you're stuff working tonight, So u can watch AoT & Bleach?

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    2. Masamune


      I did hear they're getting the last two episodes of Hellsing Ultimate (which they'll show in December), but I already watched those online too. >_<

    3. OpaqueLotus


      I forgot all about Hellsing, I watched it up to episode 3 or 4.

    4. Masamune


      It was pretty good, I'm watching the original version right now, it's pretty much the same story, just not as gory (no rhyme intended).

  9. Counter Strike : GO CS:GO Platinum Trophy Collected all other CS:GO trophies Yes.. Yes.. Very easy game, Can all be done using bot's, as the online is dead as hell.. LoL Only hell Trophy would be, Make the Cut ( Win a Knife Fight )...
  10. How is the game so far? Worth full price or wait for price drop?
  11. PSN ID : OpaqueLotus PS Systems : PS3 & Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests : Just say from PSNPRO..
  12. Diablo lll All That Glitters Pick up 5,000,000 gold. 13.75% RARE Inferno Act 3 (Master 3), U can go to hell now lol. No more farming u no longer All that's left now is the Lv 30 Hardcore.
  13. Nice to see some older gamer's here Lol. I'm 32 still gaming, been game since NES on up to the PS3.
  14. That's how it kinda was with Drakengard 3, Buying the sister's DLC packs helped out a ton while getting money up for Maxing all weapon's to lvl 4.
  15. That one does seem a little poor lol. I think the plat look's cool as hell, even though it's a little weak hehehe. I'm right there with u on getting my hands on my pre-order copy hehe.
  16. I'm Ready I'm Ready!!! The images look just fine to me, It's that Under 5 hour trophy. LOL
  17. Good Looking list man, Keep'em coming!!
  18. Kingdom Hearts : CoM Premium Card Maker Make 20 cards become Premium Cards. Interceptor Strike an enemy before entering battle 150 times.
  19. Drag-on Dragoon 3 + (DLC 100%) plat # 60 ^.^ The Final Song I can hear the sound. ^ Also known as Coda This would been a very bad a$$ game, If it wasn't for the lag when to many Soldiers are on the map. Interesting story between 6 sister's, Enjoyed everything about this expect for The Final Song U my friend can go to . Enjoyable? (yes) Worth the Money? (Only if u'r a SE fan, and can stand a little lag here and there.)
  20. BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Extend (Vita) Shocking... Positively Shocking Using Rachel, shocked your opponent more than 15 times during a single combo. Iron=Tager didn't make this easy at all. Lol
  21. Drag-on Dragoon 3 Ending D Complete branch D. ^ Also known as DeFlowered Hardest part of the game, TY SE TY. Little bit of grinding to go for lvl 4 weapons.
  22. Drag-On Dragoon 3 The Immortal Color Defeat Galgaliel. The Ancient Progenitor Defeat Ezrael. True Treasure Hunter Opened every treasure chest. Now just need to finish off, The Final Song.... SE Why LoL
  23. BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Extend : Vita Tager? Don't Even Know Her! Turned the tide and won a battle using Genesic Emerald Tager Buster. Insecticide Summoned and used all of Arakune's bugs during a single combo. Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned Using Bang, had Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan activated for more than 30 seconds of the battle. You've Been... Terminated With Lambda, summoned every type of sword during a single round. Get Off My Lawn! Performed a 30+ hit combo using Valkenhayn. ^ Wdjat beaten me to it first. LoL
  24. BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Extend : Vita Noooooo...el! Finished off an opponent with Noel's Nemesis Stabilizer.
  25. Three's Chapter : Play, Four's Chapter : Frigidity, Zero's Chapter :Fate 9/3/3 All DLC is now done for Drag-on Dragoon 3. Now just little left on Main game.