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  1. Got it
  2. I finally got it but Thanks. @xTaterNutsx sent me a message this morning. It took nearly 4+ hours being idle in the secret boss room before it popped.
  3. Its the first Succubi in the bar level (very first level). Just answer her that you're going to skip the game.
  4. 2/10 on the lowest difficulty setting. @syn1905 How did you get the fan trophy? I left the game on overnight and it didn't pop. I even left it in the merchant game.
  5. Very Nice!! Thanks for this.
  6. Every time I enter the room to get the key from the draw the cut scene triggers a few seconds later. Edit: GOT IT. You need to hug the left side of the wall and not go to the right
  7. How is it even possible to get #17 in curators cut? Its the one locked in the safe in glamor girl
  8. Can you simply finish the last chapter with someone in shared story for the online trophy? I only need one collectible (#17) and to max brad & Alex but don't think I have it in me to play through this game again. Would just like to chapter select with someone if I could.
  9. How long will this take? I want to make sure I can fit this into my schedule and not screw the person I am playing with. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know how many weapons there are in total? I've been replaying the hell out of 2-2 and other various missions but never pick up anything new. I thought for sure it was 25 guns in each category (excluding sniper of course) but I just picked up a brand new assault rifle brining the total to 26 in one category after two hours of grinding.
  11. Anyone else get some huge lag in world two in the later levels?
  12. Thanks for the quick response!
  13. Do you not get this for killing the convicts? I got the carjacking trophy but not the one for killing a psycho. Thanks
  14. Thanks for this. God this game was absolutely horrible!! I usually enjoy going for the double stack but I think I'm going to pass.