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  1. I had a glitch in Opium Wars V where the last mission never showed.
  2. Except its at the top of our trophy list with an older date.
  3. Victory Road LLC is the publisher. I've tweeted to them as well with no answer.
  4. NO because they are already locked into the account that got the trophies. You won't be able to earn trophies again that were already synced to the alt account. Read the thread with over 20+ pages and watch the few youtube videos that are out there. I'm surprised Hakoom is even going out of his way to explain this to you. if you don't feel comfortable doing it then DON'T.
  5. How are the move controls?
  6. I've heard the opposite and that playing offline is the safer approach because you can do multiple games and not worry about not playing within 24hrs. I really want to finally do this.
  7. I didn't get the full upload trophy after watching everything. I even continued and uploaded everything again. 169 videos total in game and the one "true ending" if you want to call it that? Edit: I got it. It's 170 in game movies. I missed one video. The guide reads like it's 169 and you get the final video at the end counting towards this trophy..
  8. Playbook is still cooler and cheaper 😝
  9. Completely OT. But what game are the other trophies from? I'm digging them Edit: Alone with you.
  10. Got it
  11. I finally got it but Thanks. @xTaterNutsx sent me a message this morning. It took nearly 4+ hours being idle in the secret boss room before it popped.
  12. Its the first Succubi in the bar level (very first level). Just answer her that you're going to skip the game.