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  1. Is there a way to see how many Prospector wins you have or do you all just keep a mental note? Each win I get adds nothing to my total win count, so now I'm not really sure if they are even saving or not. The only thing that changes is the Prospector total play time.
  2. The Sims 3 is having its servers shutdown on July 2, 2018. There are no online trophies.
  3. It's normally a few months after a release before new PS2 classics come to the store. The last release was The King of Fighters 98 on March 20 in NA. So, it'll probably be around June or July until we see another. Also there's been some more PS2 trademarks popping up for Rockstar games - we'll probably see another Rockstar game bundle not too far down the road.
  4. I see you already got the trophy, but I'll go ahead and state that skipping cutscenes and dialogue doesn't glitch the trophy. My successful run I skipped basically every cutscene out of impatience and got it just fine.
  5. I suggest you go ahead and add the other Killzone games to this list. They are way more enjoyable than the original KZ all around. Way better controls being the main thing here. Everyone already knows about the current multiplayer fiasco so I'd just like to give some rep for the singleplayer campaign, it doesn't get much love these days. KZ2 and 3 are my favorite shooters of all time because of their campaigns. These questions already got great answers by Mr. DARKB1KE but I thought I'd add some input as well because I'm playing the PS3 version currently. b.) It has some. Sometimes when you press start or select to bring up the menus, it lags for a few seconds, almost like the game froze. Also sometimes when leveling up it lags too. I have the digital copy if that makes a difference. d.) I did it with the Demon Hunter, his vault makes travel so fast and you can speed through most bounties in a minute or two. It's worth mentioning the Demon Hunters get multiple vaults depending on your discipline, compared to the measly 1 or 2 teleports for classes like the Wizard and Monk. I think on my old Demon Hunter I got like 9-10 vaults in before I ran out of discipline. e.) Crusader has the most health and defense out of all the classes. So if you get yourself into trouble, you're less likely to die and start over. i.) Not really. It just takes a long time.
  6. The platinum is sitting at a very clean 1.00% currently. I started going for this game right when all the cheaters started getting removed, too. Thanks mods 😄
  7. Grand Theft Auto IV Fly The Co-op You completed "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II" in time. My last multiplayer trophy for this game. These missions are seriously hard to beat in the record times. In my opinion Deal Breaker was the hardest, because there's so many random aspects to the mission like getting the boat spawn over the bikes. I can't tell you how many great attempts were had only to be let down by not getting the boat. After about 4 hours of nonstop attempts, I still managed to beat it with a time of 6:47:43 !
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic You won in all variations of multiplayer games. First try. 😄
  9. Tomb Raider (PS3) True Commitment Reach level 60 in multiplayer. Well... all I can say is, I'm so very glad it's over now.
  10. Modnation Racers... it seems way too difficult to complete that in 2018. and so that @zeit86geist doesn't get skipped... Horizon Zero Dawn. Still need to get around to playing that masterpiece. And a 1% 100% rate? Yes please.
  11. The Tomb Raider PS3 servers are getting worse and worse every day. Today, I can barely stay in a match without getting stuck in an infinite loading screen right in the middle of the 20-minute games. And when my alt tries to kill my stuck account, both characters go into the default T-pose. Couple this crap with all the other jumpy, teleporting and out-of-bounds character glitches, and this multiplayer is absolute garbage lately. Shame.


    The level 60 grind is going to be even worse if this keeps up. Hopefully it's just my network.

  12. The trophy guide says that if you have Wipeout HD on your download list that you get both of the Wipeout 2048 DLC packs for free. But since Fury was DLC for Wipeout HD, I suppose you would have to buy that pack first in order to get it for free. So I believe if you just buy both HD on PS3 with Fury DLC and 2048 on Vita that you should be good, but I haven't done it myself so I can't confirm. Also what region are you in? In the US store, 2048 only has 3 add-ons, one is a combo pack that has both the Fury and HD DLCs for 2048 in it. If you're looking specifically for 2048's DLC stuff, that would be your best bet. I hope this helps.
  13. Well, the game definitely does have its flaws, I'll give you that much, and I can see why you both believe the game feels rushed. I was lucky enough to have picked it up for the whopping $3 you both are agreeing to, during the holiday sale. I'm sure it'll go on sale more than once, too, or maybe even for free on PlayStation Plus. For that price I felt it was a perfect experience for starving platformer fans like myself. The standard price for this game is $15, right? I'm not sure if that's fair for how long the game is (if anyone's wondering, its basically only 3 levels/areas long. $5 per section!).
  14. The only bit of the game I wasn't fond of was the storytelling and cutscenes. The characters were a bit immature but I didn't have high expectations for them anyways, since most 3D platformer characters aren't too developed anyways, like in Spyro and Crash. But honestly the 3D platformer market is extremely dry these days, so I really can't complain that Right Nice delivered a short, fun platformer as their very first game. It blended the Jak and Ratchet gameplay well in my opinion, with the character control of Jak and the "bolts" and gadgets of Ratchet. Also, what glitches are you referring to? I don't remember encountering many in my playthrough, except maybe the occasional wall-climb that didn't seem like it should be possible. But those specific glitches are fun for the speedrunning community and are reminiscent of the double jump / out-of-bounds strategies in the Spyro trilogy, they don't get in the way of normal gameplay at all.
  15. Jak and Ratchet fans, if you're looking for a new platformer experience, you've come to the right place. Skylar and Plux is a 3D platformer inspired by those titular platformer series, with collectathon, action, adventure, and platforming aspects all in one. There's hardly any activity on this site for this game! So, I thought I would spread the word and maybe show some more people what a fun game this is. Also, it's an easy and fast 100% with a new trophy guide published today written by yours truly.