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  1. Yes, servers are still up as of 11PM EST; lots of people still playing too.
  2. Pretty sure you have to own the map to get the trophy, you can't get it through anyone else.
  3. Just got the Skylanders Imaginators plat today. That means I'm officially a portal master now with all 6 platinums! 😁
  4. Oops, I just went in and removed them. Sorry about that.
  5. Here's the exact statement I was referencing, as for how valid it is I'm not entirely sure. This guide also mentions that if you were playing your old world on a patch earlier than 1.31 then your old world's hours won't count. It's safest to just play the 100 days on one world (your newest and patched world). Hopefully you've already put a ton of hours into the new world, so you won't be too far off the trophy. Sorry if I'm not much help, I've personally not experienced this issue in too much depth as when it came time for this trophy I just dug a hole underground and left my console idle/rubberbanded my analog sticks until it popped.
  6. Hello, I have an idea for a PP but I don't think it would work in accordance to these rules. For about 6 years now I've been working on completing a "PlayStation All-Stars" trophy set, which includes getting a platinum or completed trophy set from all characters' franchises (or even all the minion/stage exclusive franchises too) included in the game PlayStation All-Stars. All of these are franchises with playable characters in the game and would serve as the main goal: God of War PaRappa the Rapper Fat Princess Twisted Metal Killzone Sly Cooper Uncharted Infamous Ratchet & Clank Jak and Daxter Bioshock Devil May Cry Tekken Heavenly Sword (No trophies) Metal Gear LittleBigPlanet MediEvil (No trophies yet) Ape Escape Toro/Together Everywhere Gravity Rush Starhawk(/Warhawk?) Dead Space and of course, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Some bonus goals would include: Resistance (Chimera minion + stage hazard) Hot Shots Golf (Jasmine + Suzuki minion + stage hazard) Patapon (Stage hazard) Wipeout (Stage hazard) LocoRoco (Stage hazard) Buzz (Stage hazard) Unfinished Swan (Stage hazard) Unlikely to make it into any goals but these are included in the game too: Warhawk (Eucadian Soldier minion) Modnation (Tag minion) Carnival Island (Panda + Koala minion) Escape Plan (Bakuki + Lil minion) (Minions are basically irrelevant content in the game and most of these minions are DLC. The minions only show up when you get a double or triple kill and they do a little dance on the screen) I'm not really sure if this could work as a PP thread as I already mentioned, but my idea was to make the ranks based upon how many franchises you've gotten a platinum trophy from, not the total amount of platinums from the massive amount of games that would be represented here. For example 1 platinum from any of these franchises will get you into the hidden trophy rank. 3 platinums would be bronze, 5 would be silver, 12 would be gold, and all 21 would be platinum (Since MediEvil and Heavenly Sword don't have any trophies the max has to be 21). Each of the bonus goals would have an emblem associated with the franchise. What do you all think? I believe this could make for a very fun and interesting challenge, even if it needs to be tweaked a bit. 🙂
  7. Please sign me up for Squishy Vanquisher. I've got: Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando Ratchet & Clank 3: Up your Arsenal Ratchet: Deadlocked Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Ratchet & Clank: 2016 I love these games so I'm sure one day I'll end up joining the elusive rank of Lombax Praetorian combined with the shiny Elite badge.
  8. Please sign me up for Relic Finder! I've only got Uncharted 1 and 2 done as of now, but hopefully that will change in the near future.
  9. Are you sleeping at all in your calculations? Because one of the trophy guides states that if you go to bed at night it won't count the hours you slept. Other than that only thing I can suggest to you is to just wait some more. It takes 33 hours of in-game time to unlock the trophy.
  10. Thanks. Fixed.
  11. Try playing another full game on the digital copy first. After that try one on the physical. Make sure you wait until it says stats posted.
  12. Playing online I see a lot of trophy hunters picking Spike and Heihachi just because of their instakill level 3s being good for triple kills. So I compiled this list of supers sorted by easiness that are great for doing the same thing: Kratos level 2 - just have to line everyone up vertically. This passes through walls. The super itself gets a lot bigger towards the top of the screen, so they don't have to be 100% on the same pixel to kill all 3 at the same time Evil Cole level 2 - big AOE around E.Cole. Holding down will make it last longer and drain AP Radec level 2 - line everyone up horizontally. This also passes through walls and goes across the whole screen Toro, PaRappa level 3 - These are all instakills, the only problem is the characters themselves aren't very strong without combos. Toro and PaRappa can both gain AP by and respectively Heihachi, Spike level 3 - Also instakills, but these two can't gain their own AP. They have a lot more heavy hitting moves compared to PaRappa and Toro Sackboy level 2 - you can put his level 2 wherever you want, so just put it over everyone if they're clumped together Drake level 2 - Everyone needs to be standing a bit in front of or above Drake Emmett level 2 - huge AOE that drops in front of Emmett onto whichever platform you're standing on, bit worse than Drake's because its very telegraphed. He can gain his own AP with Dante level 2 - line everyone up horizontally. Slow Cole level 2 - line everyone up horizontally. Even more slow. At this point you should just use Radec instead Isaac level 2 - big AOE similar to Evil Cole's just a bit smaller Zeus level 3 - harder to do, but its possible to kill all 3 players with one punch PaRappa level 2 - everyone needs to be clumped up together to kill everyone at the same time otherwise it won't work.
  13. The trophy only needs to be in a 2v2 match made online game, so it can be either 2v2 ranked or 2v2 quick match. You absolutely cannot play 2v2 ranked without a partner, so you'll have to play 2v2 quick match instead. Or you can team up with yourself, but then no one will be there to protect you from being beat up in a match. To invite yourself there should be a menu on the screen you can select, which will allow you to invite a friend. You can't play online with CPU.
  14. Thanks, I changed it to say online or LAN only. You did earn them in LAN mode correct? I was basing the statement off of the trophy descriptions, which made me think they were online multiplayer only, but it's good to have a clarification. I assume that LAN will be fully functional after the shutdown, but I'm hoping to test on an alt to see if the trophies can be earned while completely disconnected from a network connection/signed out of PSN.
  15. I feel your pain. I saved Nuke for Thrills and Spills, which... is a complete mess of a map. Please don't do this. Not to mention you can't choose to play smaller sections for some reason, you're forced to play the whole map. For anyone that needs Nuke wins please spare yourself the annoyance and pick Black Rock Stadium instead.