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  1. Try GameFAQs if you don't mind searching up every individual game. You can find release data under the "Home" dropdown menu after clicking on a game or by clicking the release date link. They have most codes but it's user submitted (I think?), so some obscure games might be missing.
  2. Definitely LBP3, maybe even LBP Karting if that was still obtainable. With no 24H create mode trophy, and no online plays/hearts/etc trophies the time to platinum for this game is cut down by a huge margin. It does have some multiplayer trophies but the only long one that I can recall was beating the story with another player. The story mode levels were a lot easier compared to 1, 2, and Vita, probably due to the fact they had to divide the story up amongst multiple character styles instead of having you play as Sackboy the entire time. There's also some glitches, both the good and bad kinds, with the good kinds meaning you can probably save an hour+ on acing a few of the challenges. If you're looking for the hardest I would definitely say Vita, seriously those arcade games are super annoying, acing the story is frustrating (though I would say LBP1 was the most frustrating as far as acing goes), and lastly it has the joys of both the 24H create mode trophy and 50 online plays trophy. The 50 plays trophy took me 2 months simply because barely anybody plays Vita anymore compared to 1 and 2 (and that was nearly 2 years ago. It's probably much worse now).
  3. The super armor supposedly gives a 10% bonus to gold pickups, here's the source. Definitely helps with the Sir Moneybags trophy (albeit it doesn't take much time to get the extra 1,000 gold without the armor).
  4. My PS3's blu-ray laser is going out too, not completely dead yet but almost there. You said your PS3 can read standard CDs so I thought I would share a trick I use for my own PS3 when it doesn't want to read blu-rays. Simply insert a CD or PS1 game and make sure the PS3 reads it (loading circle stops spinning in the top right of the XMB). Then, quickly swap out the CD for a blu-ray disc, and it should read it. It has to be fairly quick and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. I use a PS3 slim if that makes any difference. If this doesn't work, unfortunately the only thing I can really suggest is to replace the disc drive. Good luck.
  5. Yes, all you have to do is pick a faction and you can jump straight into the invasion boss mode.
  6. Does anyone have any tips on beating Kitana? I get this mode is supposed to be near impossible and I'm not even good at this game but I'm struggling to even hit her once even with the yellow bar up. Edit: never mind, I just misunderstood the trophy guide, the yellow bar at the top isn't supposed to "break"
  7. If I recall correctly the first two events gave out the rewards (kart, decals) when the next event started, so you should get your kart when October's GP starts if this is still the case. Edit: Beenox is aware of a bug in the upcoming Grand Prix and have stated that the decal will be awarded later than expected:
  8. Anyone else suffering from the CE-35327-0 error when trying to do anything related to account linking or streaming? Super annoying, and its been at least 3 days now since it started popping up. At first PlayStation Support has been blaming Twitch/Youtube/etc but now they've gone quiet once they started getting multiple reports. Who knows how long it'll be until this is fixed. ๐Ÿ˜’

    1. starcrunch061


      You know, I wish Sony would justย "go quiet" from the beginning. Why not a simple, "We're aware of the situation, and are currently looking into it," over the standard, "It must the fault of <insert random, unrelated thing here>".

  9. Managed 58 trophies yesterday. I would've liked to finish Jak 3's list off but I was way too tired near the end so I had to get some sleep. Stardew Valley - 7 trophies Jak 3 - 39 trophies Destroy All Humans 2 - 12 trophies
  10. It's been a long time coming, but the multiplayer update is finally live on PS4. No word yet on how this affects the trophies, as this update seems to have launched fairly quietly so far. If anything the trophies should act just like the Steam achievements if you were wondering. The update also adds new items, cutscenes, the Night Market event, auto-grabbers and more (my personal favorite inclusion being the ability to change your professions at the Statue of Uncertainty!). Here's the official blogpost from when 1.3 launched on Steam last year. https://www.stardewvalley.net/stardew-valley-1-3-multiplayer-update-is-now-available/
  11. Try accessing it from your PS3's PSN account settings, and then to your download list. Every PS3 and Vita game in your transaction history should be downloadable there.
  12. Exactly this, though I want to clarify, the second boss is right after defeating the first boss and going to the checkpoint. When you come to a big pit in the ground with water in it, the first armored enemy there on the cliff is the second boss.
  13. Play Co-op Arena first. Try the Chateau method with 2 other folks and get most of the treasures that way. When you get a bunch of them and start seeing duplicates switch to Hunter Arena. The rare treasures (AKA the last treasure in each individual set) drop more often there. Good luck.
  14. I have no idea. I used my BCUS-98123 disc with the NA Store DLCs and it worked flawlessly... can't speak for the EU discs as I don't own any. You can definitely download them and test it for yourself though, there's no harm in trying. If it doesn't work and you don't want to buy the digital version you can always delete the trophy list as long as it's at 0%. ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Yes, that's exactly what I did. We didn't have to say much, just the occasional instruction every so often so voice chat would have been completely unnecessary. Just remember to play it safe. If one or two people die, retreat so they can respawn. Also, go for headshots as much as you can.