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  1. Thats ice cold And you'd be lucky if I wore no underwear Nah I dont watch Fairy Tale
  2. I have to use heavy painkillers to be able to function from the injury. And those makes me in a careless mood where nothing is boring Other than that, I tend to listen to music, have a friend over to chat with, or watch some serie on the laptop while going at it =p
  3. Hey, saw this post in UR trophy league. I'd like to join this if there's still room. So its a Let's Play so we are recording it or streaming or are we just chatting with each other while going on? My little introduction: Hi, my name is Christian (Hence Cissa), and from Norway (hence the NO ) and I love gaming. Trophy addiction came to my head as soon as I figured out what it was. Doing trophies makes you experience 100% of the game imo. Due to an injury I'm just sitting home making a pit on my sofa, so this journey is something for me. I love RPG's and dont mind grinding as I have my tricks for it. Because of this I can also play all day and everyday even. I have all tools for recording and or streaming if its needed too. I'm soon to be 25 years old. Own this game already, and have it still in plastic in my shelf, waiting for the right moment. Taking me in will make my days more fun sitting at home
  4. Got a tell on my PS4 to join this. I volunteer
  5. Ehm lol? Sorry, im in the teams that sell these fights
  6. You do, you just have to do it suddenly 2 times in a row for a point to come. EDIT: My bad, stopped at 953
  7. You get less points after every rank, but nothing major. From 900 to 1000 you get 2 pts each match I believe.
  8. Check the vid, and do as i do in it. He accepts almost everytime!
  9. Anyone here who's a japnese citizen? Please send me PM/Reply!!

  10. New people in chat:)
  11. The boss isnt really hard. Just know when to run where, and you'll be fine. Even the extremes are twice as more advanced imo.
  12. Get used to it
  13. I jerk off... Releases some stress. Then I go into the chat and act like a tard.
  14. Nelson Mandela dies at 95... That's 5 miles an hour faster than Paul Walker!