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  1. Nice find
  2. LMAO it’s not that hard I did it as well, never did ps4 though. IMO auto pops are corny anyways
  3. That’s good, I finally got it as well.
  4. That’s good, my cross play has always been on but I’ll just keep trying, at least you got it
  5. Damn that sucks. When you go to career profile then statistics and select quick play stats, how many wins does it say you have? Just curious, hoping it unlocks for me when it hits 100, I’m currently at 66 I think.
  6. I looked into a bit more, Blizzard stats weren’t being counted for almost two weeks. If you go to career profile then statistics, I’m pretty sure that’s the counter it’s using, the numbers differ from your challenges, as of now says I have 48, but maybe you already looked there and is still bugged. Good luck.
  7. Damn that sucks, I seen in another thread people were having trouble with the friend zone trophy. They said unlinking your psn account from battle net and then relinking fixed it. I’m gonna give that a try and see what happens. I would check that thread out for more details if you’re interested.
  8. Ok interesting, I’m on the free pass. I have been having issues with 100 wins not unlocking though
  9. Anyone else having trouble with the 100 wins trophy? I have 107 wins in quick play and 12 in competitive and still no trophy?
  10. I’m getting close to level 50 I’ll let you know
  11. Hi, if you get a blue print, can you just keep crafting it for the 20? Or does it have to be 20 different weapons?
  12. Do nick names and nameplates count?
  13. Thanks for info, gonna try this out
  14. I wish I knew about this when I did my platinum lol