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  1. I can't believe how few people here have mentioned PSVR. It is singlehandedly Sony's ace in the hole, innovation wise, and the biggest VR seller compared to Oculus and Vive.There's so many incredible PSVR games out there - have you even tried Astrobot? You're bored - period. Don't take it out on Sony. You just haven't really explored all your options.
  2. Looking at your extremely heavy JRPG platinum list.. might I suggest that you go for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch next!
  3. X-Com : Enemy Unknown. I <3ed the game so much I went for the platinum for fun. I didn't think much about it after getting it - but was utterly surprised how RARE it was amongst all you other trophy hunters
  4. Not going to count those games with online trophies The two games that I absolutely regret not being able to plat PURELY because I lack SKILL to do them and not because lack of patience to grind, etc. VANQUISH CATHERINE
  5. Definitely your Little Big Planet - I just couldn't be bothered with the coop trophies despite loving the game!