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  1. Update: Days gone (ps4) 13%->15%->16% God of war 2018 (ps4) 4%->11% God of war: Ragnarok (ps5) 0% Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town Sonic Forces (ps4) 10%->41%->52% Crisis Core FF7 Reunion (ps5) 4% Farm together (ps4) 0%->43% Days gone has been neglected a bit as I got into GoW more, not huge progress but loving the game so far. Knocked out some more challenges and special rings in Sonic. Also started a new game yesterday with my gf as we finished SoS, Farm together. And damn it's addicting. With the holiday season right around the corner I probably won't have much time to play or update, bjt I'll stop by if I pop another plat in the next 3 weeks. Happy holiday and happy hunting everyone!
  2. Not an update post! I've totally missed FF7 Crisis core reunion is releasing in 24hours😱 also got Hades last night for a replay on ps5 with Hades 2 announced on the game awards. So I got a "luxury" problem! What to play first? My list for this event, or what's left is Days gone, GoW 2018, GoW: Ragnarok and Sonic Forces. All started except Ragnarok. I'll do an update probably on Tuesday with some GoW progress and possibly adding both Hades and FF7
  3. Update: Days gone (ps4) 13%->15% God of war 2018 (ps4) 4% God of war: Ragnarok (ps5) 0% Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town Sonic Forces (ps4) 10%->41% Happy to report SoS done! That last treasure was a snore to get. Took me about 1.5 year in-game to finish everything else which was very enjoyable, but ended at winter year 6 after just sleeping and checking in on journey sprite before getting the last treasure for the museum. Haven't played much else as I wanted that one out of the way. Wanna jump in on all remaining games 🤪 I'll probably do a bit of Sonic every day, chipping way at challenges and rings obtained.
  4. I will definetly have to look up shortcuts on most stages I think, gonna focus more on Sonic when Story of Seasons is done, 2-3 more days I believe.
  5. Update: Days gone (ps4) 13%->15% God of war 2018 (ps4) 4% God of war: Ragnarok (ps5) 0% Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town 40%->56% Sonic Forces (ps4) 10%->41% Been swapping between 3 games so far. For Sonic I finished the story and started cleanup for red/number/moon rings while getting a challenge or 2 done. Haven't played much Sonic after Adventure 2 on game cube. So far I enjoy the game, but notices some of the challenges may be more difficult than I thought, namely speedruns. Other than that I've mostly spent my time on SoS, which is a perfect game to relax with. Not to much left on the museum collection, but still got some stuff left to set up for Lovetts requests. Lastly I got a couple of quests done in Days gone, interesting story so far. Enjoying it more than I thought I would so that's good. Will move on to GoW as soon as I finish 1 of the 3 I'm currently playing, only 2h in or so in that one.
  6. Put some thoughts into my list this time around, was stuck at 4 games for some time but finally found another I want to get done from my backlog. Days gone (ps4) 13% God of war 2018 (ps4) 4% God of war: Ragnarok (ps5) 0% Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town 40% Sonic Forces (ps4) 10% Got a few others with to high % to add for the challenge that I want to get 100% on if time allows it. Destiny 2 86% Ghost of Tsushima 91% Horizon: Forbidden West 95% And Disney Dreamlight Valley 57% which is currently not obtainable due to missing content but got some longer trophies to work on meanwhile.
  7. And Rime done!
  8. All still included unless I missed one, doesn't hurt to check it from time to time
  9. Long overdue with an update, probably my last for this challenge. Been occupied with life and playing alongside my gf who is new to gaming in general. She's my partner for It takes two so there's still hope for it to be completed before the end of this month. Updated list: Elden Ring (ps5) 7%->11% Nier: Automata (ps4) Tearaway Unfolded (ps4) Yakuza: Like a Dragon (ps5) 35% Kingdom hearts final mix (ps4) 88%-> Two point campus (ps5) Rime (ps4) 7%->22% It takes two (ps5) 0% A plague tale: Innocence (ps5) 0%-> Tera (ps4) 8% Temtem (ps5) 50% 5/11 completed 2/3 swaps KHFM is done! Not as bad as I initially thought for the plat, now for the rest of the games. Haven't been in the right mood for Elden ring and Yakuza, but the % is okey to transfer over to winter if I want to. Temtem I abruptly just stopped playing, to many other shiny games 😝 Tried getting into Tera, but found it boring for the most part. After finishing KHFM I've barely touched this list, instead I did 3 plats not listed. 11-11 memories retold, Grow: Song of the evertree and story of seasons: friends of mineral town. 2 of which my gf played along on her own console. With just a little over a week left I'll finish up Rime and say myself done. Live and learn, shorter list next time! Good luck to all who still got games to finish, see you in the winter challenge!
  10. Following for now, been to busy to keep up with my fall list. Gonna see if I can get another game or 2 done from that before posting a list here. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Agreed on Steep, unfortunate with the DLC's since the game looks fun. Seen a friend play it for a couple of hours. I can check the extra list sometime this week as I got a few days of work due to being sick.
  12. Really wanted to like it, and I somewhat do, but collectibles😅 Oh, another game I probably wouldn't play if it wasn't for this event. Need to clean up at least 1 of my current games before jumping into this one.
  13. 11-11 memories retold plat achieved! Tha game isn't to bad just feel it could've been better without all the collectibles and endings. Loved the music thou! Ready for my next one!
  14. Nice! No worries, I'm sure others will help out too if they see you miss something.