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  1. You should keep your account more protected, I think some regions don't allow cancellations.
  2. Every jump scare probably got me, but then in my other playthroughs I knew it was there so It didn't scare me as much, just gave me the creeps especially the music. Note I had my headset on to full blast because it makes it way more scarier
  3. Gotta say really awesome game was not expecting the twist with the Wendigo monsters! Here is my first playthrough: Sam - Survived. Ashley - Died in explosion at the end. Emily - Shot her in the head (haha she was a bitch) Jess - As Matt I kept running away from the Wendigo resulting in Jessicas mouth to be ripped open. Chris - Survived. Josh - Head exploded from a Wendigo. Mike - Died in explosion at the end. Matt - Survived, he would have died if he tried to save Emily luckily I wanted her dead. But then she was still alive so I was happy to shoot her in the face afterwards haha
  4. Thank you this worked!
  5. Can someone tell me why my Until Dawn pre order says I have to wait 128 days which was the first release date? Its already auto downloading since it's meant to be playable today -.-

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    2. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      When I sign in on the computer it says playable :(

    3. Nihiris-


      I saw a couple of people posting pics with the same problem as you. Says 128 days until download. Definitely a glitch

    4. SilkyJay86


      we miss you little misss

  6. I have a channel with a lot of Factions videos. Check it out! So close to 800 subs!
  7. Not worth it.
  8. shit once again.
  9. Well thats fucked up if it doesn't come to PS4, I did hear it being a timed exclusive ages ago but if that's changed I bet they paid a shit ton of money for that to happen since Tomb Raider started out on Playstation/PC. Xbox is trash and Microsoft can get fucked.
  10. Really stupid, I'm pretty sure if you had the season pass on PS3 you got Left Behind and it's included on Remastered.
  11. - that is all.
  12. Bloodborne and because I'm not usually into RPG's I wasn't sure about it. But I absolutely love it and would like to try more games like this
  13. Animals for sure!
  14. Anyone having trouble connecting co-op on Bloodborne?, we are around the same level and have played before but it won't join us now for some reason, We both have tried ringing each bell several times :(

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    2. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      Yeah we played earlier today though and all of a sudden its stopped working :/

    3. TheYuriG


      if you put your system to resume in game, the matchmaking system breaks. turn off and restart, both of you. it might solve the issue

    4. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      Alright thank you I will try that next time, he fell asleep while we were trying to connect ahaha

  15. Check out my tlou trolling vid, with some other sneaky shivs

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    2. Jak


      Nice. I think we should add each other then and play. Tired of lacking friends to play online games with, especially in this generation.

    3. Little Miss

      Little Miss

      Sure send me a request :)

    4. Jak


      Ok I will yo!