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  1. No I just followed what the xbox video said to do, interacting with anything I could and got the trophy
  2. AHHHH YAY 😻
  3. No problem 😊
  4. I don't know why it says episode 1, following it will get you the platinum trophy it literally is the whole game.
  5. Well I followed this guide The only thing that didn't work for me was Master of Curiosity and Stargazer, in which the developer responded above in spoiler text on what to do, there was a small difference in both of those trophies I couldn't get to pop.
  6. Okay awesome I got the platinum, i want to make a guide for it for ps4 but I don't have an elgato to capture trophies popping on screen. Again really enjoyed the game wish more indie games from pc came to console 😃
  7. Awesome thanks for replying to the topic, wow 2 people? amazing job! 🙂 Okay so I didn't skip subtitles at all.
  8. So I found a small YouTuber who made a Xbox guide for the video, if you just search "elea achievent guide" it will be the first to pop up. It's a 2 hour platinum but im just warning everyone that it's extremely buggy, my character got stuck multiple times and you couldnt move, the game wouldn't progress forwards after doing correct interactions and I had to quit to the menu and reload several times. The master of curiosity had still not popped for me after interacting with everything in that chapter. There are text guides which I followed but it must be bugged out. I'm going to try delete my save and try from the beginning since the trophy is in the first chapter. I'll update if it worked. Other than that it was an enjoyable short game.
  9. Pug Life!!  🤗 

    1. SaltySoph


      Yes I love pugs 😊😍

    2. IntroPhenom


      Me, too!  I had a beloved pug for 14 years.  I hope to get another (or two) someday.

  10. Platinum #112 Cat Quest Le Platinum Trophy MEOW! I actually loved this game, and I don't usually like 2D games, it was so cute, I want there to be a second one 😊 Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10
  11. Just achieved my 8000th trophy, Cat Quest Platinum, didn't even plan it :) 

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Congrats :yay: . IIRC the game isn't 2D :hmm: .

    3. SaltySoph


      well its kind of flat if you know what i mean aha, and thanks :)

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

      Amazing milestone and it wasn't even planned 🏆

  12. Samsung s9
  13. Getting stuck into Destiny 2 again now that it's somewhat decent. Clan name is "Barely Legal Guardians" 😅

  14. Thanks guys, deleted my save and went offline it worked for me now to get this plat and delete the game again lol
  15. This happened to me the other day, it was working fine a few months ago, ive only tried deleting and re installing the game but it didnt help me.