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  1. Heck yeah! I love the theme to this game, it's one the better ones on the PlayStation Store.
  2. I saw the title and your profile image and they went perfectly together. It's a shame too, I still have the game coming but if that damn Mayo game can get a platinum then this easily could have as well.
  3. My girlfriend is obsessed with this, it's crazy how catchy it is.
  4. This song has destroyed me. His flow, the beat switch towards the middle, everything is a killer.
  5. Kind of sad since Steam has over 50 achievements attached but it is what it is. Still a very fun game, might pick it up on discount and keep playing the Steam version for now.
  6. I'm currently rocking PS3, PS4 and Vita. Had a 360 but it died and never felt like replacing it, might pick up Project Scorpio if they show games I'm interested in. Switch interests me but I need more games to commit.
  7. I purchased this game during the 505 sale and have been having fun with it. It's slow and somewhat repetitive but I enjoy finding all the collectibles and listening to the audio logs. Can anyone who has 100% on the game confirm that if you miss collectibles in the story, can they be obtained in EVA Free or would it need to be a new playthrough? Also, so far I've missed 3-4 SSD and it looks like we circle the wreckage a few times and revisit areas, would it be possible to go back and find them before finishing the story?
  8. PSN ID change - first time free, once every 6 months or a year, after the first time you have to pay a price to change it. Ability to refund digital games in NA & similar countries - Take the Steam route and offer people the ability to refund their games if played under a certain time limit or trophy count. I'll say 2 hours or under 5-10 % on the trophies. The only hit I could see is the added trophies to your list. It'd save a lot of headaches with the "My account was just hacked" post every week on various forums. Include PS Now games into PS Plus or offer one or two rentals monthly with your plus subscription. Also include the ability to play digitally purchased PS3 games on PS Now for no additional charge. Change the way communities are handled. They are embarrassing 90% of the time with random communities not even tied to the games they are held under. I really don't know how you'd handle this, it's late and my brain is turning off. I'm 50/50 on Steam and PSN and lately it's been Steam more so because of how it feels as a customer compared to PSN. I love having to enter a code from my phone every time I log into my Steam account, it's an extra step but it helps me feel secure. I love that I can refund games that did not meet the standard that was presented by the dev/pub. (cough, Payday 2, cough). Hopefully they are listening though and adding more features into the next update and not stickers.
  9. I'm aiming for 70% but it's not a major thing if I go over or under. My major thing right now is so just play every game on my list and finish the game. I went through a period where I'd purchase a game, play it for 4-5 hours and never touch it again/sell it. Now I'm on my way to getting there, not really going for platinums or 100% unless I really like the game.
  10. Finally started Life Is Strange. Not what I expected but I had fun so far, I avoided everything regarding this game so there were a few surprises.

  11. Lost my save file to Divinity: Orignal Sin. Debating on starting on Honour Mode and stressing out for the next 50-70 hours.

  12. Lost my save file to Divinity: Orignal Sin. Debating on starting on Honour Mode and stress out for the next 50-70 hours.

  13. I need Jesus and a can of ginger ale, big momma.

  14. All the trophies are pretty easy, kind of was hoping there would be more considering the Steam version has 30 achievements. I've played the game on Steam and have about 12-13 hours clocked in as of right now and have all but 3 of these trophies so they shouldn't be too hard. This was also me playing without any regards to the achievements so I'm sure it could be done quicker, I can't speak for the remaining 3 though but they range in the 2-5% of global players earned on Steam.
  15. Have you tried the Playstation App? I think I saw someone mention you can delete them via the app as well. Can't vouch if it works personally since I ran my phone over two days ago but hopefully it's of some help.