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  1. Anyone know if you meet the requirement on PC then switch to PS4 if it will pop the trophy? Or would we lose our trophy progress for popping the achievement on PC. Since the accounts are linked to Epic Games and the tracking is done there as well.
  2. Zidane/Dagger/Vivi/Steiner is the only party.
  3. You missed a kill then. I ran through the guide on my profile and my wifes and it popped both times. Make sure your fence kill in higgins is the one where he smashed their head against it 4 to 5 times. Theres two different ones there. Also try using the other closet in the cabin, Ive had people say they had to do both closets.
  4. The list in the guide I wrote on here
  5. You wanna go toe to toe in Bird Law?
  6. yes, I saved the water pump and the toilet kill just to be safe if any glitching happened.
  7. Devs tweeted out their new website today and on it you can find the patch notes for the upcoming patch. Asked the Dev on Twitter if a fix had been found and he pointed me to the notes. Low and behold it is listed. Rejoice!
  8. Had a conversation with a Dev today about the trophy and what was causing the issue. Heres what he said.
  9. Seems easy enough. No difficulty trophies and everything seems to be story driven. I like it.
  10. Do you actually need to finish the 15th challenge for the trophy? Ive seen people say only the 14th is required.