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  1. I've never really raged quit a game, but I remember back in high school my friends and I would be play the hell out of Trials: Evolutions and it was all in good fun. We would download a bunch of custom tracks, and some of these tracks would make us rage because some of them were down right bad and almost impossible to beat. We would sit there shouting, "How did the person who made this even beat it?!?" We stayed up a lot of nights having those sessions and it's a fond memory I always look back on.
  2. Scrat's Nutty Adventure. Easy platinum, decent game, of course being a licensed game, not exactly an AAA title. Played it for free through PSNow.
  3. https://youtu.be/kGPveWh5btg
  4. https://youtu.be/IKcw0NZJlLI
  5. One of the many licensed games I rented as a kid. But if I had to choose one specifically it would of been Nicktoons United. I sunk so many hours into that game playing couch co-op with friends.
  6. Spooky coffee mug



    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That thing is fuckin SWEET!! I needs me a Vorhees coffee mug in my life!

  7. The bowling alley I went to had an arcade with prizes. I got the top one. I grinded a Ghostbusters games that gives you 100 tickets every time you win. 3000 tickets later.



    1. zizimonster
    2. xEl_Cidx


      how many times did you not win? that took many hours


      3000/100 = 30 wins

    3. hailurez


      It's a very short game, 2 levels with with 1 boss at each after that you have to fight the Stay Puft Marshmello which gives you a 100 tickets if you win, plus a little bit extra depending on how ghosts you captured. Plus it only took 2 credits to play, so it was a steal and no one else was playing it. I was pretty much speedrunning it.

  8. Going bowling with some friends tonight. Haven't been bowling since like 2013, so my game will be very rusty.



  9. Absolute banger movie
  10. https://youtu.be/Tp_WgYLTgFQ
  11. Alright, 5 hours into AC: Valhalla. So far it's alright, I need to clear it off my backlog but the platinum for it doesn't seem that annoying so I'll go for that as well.

  12. Watched Rob Zombie's The Munsters movie. I'm a fan of the original show from the 60's and I feel you kinda need to be to enjoy the movie? It's filled to the brim with light-hearted over the top corny humor much like the show. I enjoyed it.
  13. Mostly I wait for a sale on most games. Very sparsely do I buy games upon their release. It's mostly for games I anticipate. It's also super expensive for me to buy every new game on release. I used to be like that and it did a terrible number on my finances but over the years I've gotten into a better habit of saving my money and buying during sales.