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  1. i had no idea this comes to ps4, might have just shed a tear in fond memories of playing this on pc as a kid :‘)
  2. After not getting the T-Hunt grind trophies even though I got all the kills and wins needed, this is a very nice change. Ubi is slowly starting to be one of my favourite devs
  3. I'd suggest you play SMB first. End is Nigh is an awesome game, but imo Meat Boy is better. Also, where SMB might be harder in later levels, you probably build up resilience better by doing the deathless runs for each world on that, because they are always just 20 levels long. In TEIN you have to finish everything with under 200 deaths in order, so you can't really chose how to approach it. +SMB isn't glitched
  4. Seeing you play without T-Spins is very motivating, congrats
  5. i started playing in mid of january, got the 10 kill one just fine, reached 100kills few minutes ago, no trophy. What did I expect from them really...
  6. A little help on I Am Bread. How do i get perfect toast in the flat iron? It's so hard to not burn the bread.

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    2. Hemiak


      Nice man. 

      I still need cheese hunt garden. I think I'm going to use IAB for 150 so I can just ignore it until then. :awesome:

    3. gernifIap


      Glad you got it, I played that level for 13 hrs till I got it... :D 

    4. reckscollie


      Im so sorry I made your wall a forum thread. xD

  7. I‘d go even further and say there will be some crowns for Elder Dragons. (Not all, especially the huge ones). I have a bit over 30 hours now and only have two or three large crowns and no small crowns. This will be grindy, but I don‘t mind, my goal has always been getting every piece of equipment anyways.
  8. I already got the game, so stoked to finally play it. Also really happy how grindy the list looks, literally a dream come true to me.
  9. Blaze it
  10. Played this at gamescom last year. Can highly recommend, it‘s a lovely little game.
  11. I got both the Theme and the Avatar without even having the game in my list. pleasant surprise
  12. likes shiny plat pictures ^^
  13. Defenitely The Last of us, awesome plat pic but I cba with the MP.:/