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  1. Mass Effect 3 plat. MP was surprisingly fun! Now it's The Cave and Okami HD :)

  2. Videogames & Platinum collector
  3. As a collector of videogames and consoles since the 80's I NEVER sell anything. Although with so many great games being released (and I want my platinum for most of them) it's tough to find time revisiting the old gems.
  4. While still working on time consuming plats like ME3 and Ni No Kuni, I wanted to see some fast and easy plats/trophies pop. Bought Resistance: Burning Skies and Trine2 and got two plats in two days. Feels sweet but also unsatisfying. Oh well, back to ME3 :)

  5. Voted. Interesting poll. (and it's nice to see i'm not the only 35+ years old around here)
  6. Platinum 1.45 % ultra-rare Guess there's not much poeple willing to go through those horrible loading times
  7. Hitman HD Collection. Looking forward to play those again as I really enjoyed them back in the days. But it'll have to wait - Okami HD is coming to PS Plus in April.
  8. Sleeping Dogs. The better game and more fun compared to GTA IV IMHO.
  9. Mortal Kombat - "My Kung Fu is stronger" Some developers are morons. Simple as that. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Server shutdown. Bad luck.
  10. You mean overall completion while I meant completion at those games, like the 2/51 trophies at ROF
  11. Ghostbusters, BrĂ¼tal Legend, GTA IV, Alpha Protocol, Resonance Of Fate. Never gonna finish those. Sitting on low % completion with those.
  12. Easiest Plat ever? NCIS wants to have a word with you.....
  13. I've been using this trophy card for quite some time now, so I've decided to upgrade to lifetime premium. IMHO it's worth the money and I hope more people support Sly's website this way.
  14. Awesome idea. Would make the best trophy card even better
  15. Picked this up for 10 bucks, and yeah it's an OK game. A little too short, but hey: quick and easy platinum trophy Multiplayer is crap, but the EU servers are still busy. No trouble finding a match with half to full lobby.