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  1. Hello. I have the 17 plats. Can you add me for Artifex Master ?
  2. Can anyone help me boost this one ? I'm not very good at fighting games. Add me if you can.
  3. Ok , I changed language to japanese on my french psvita and it worked.
  4. Hello. I've got black screen when I launch the game. Has anyone got the same problem ?
  5. It works thanks for the tip.
  6. Hello I've got the same problem as you , but on ps4 pro.
  7. Great !! The patch is out.
  8. Is this will be fixed soon ?
  9. Hello. I've got all ten minikits but the trophy doesn't unlock. I've tried story mode and free mode but it doesn't unlock even if finish the level. any tips ? Thanks
  10. Hello How to unlock all tracks ?
  11. Ok I did it. Thank you for your advice.
  12. Hello. I don't understand how to unlock this one. I score the victory goal during extra time and it doesn't pop. Any advice ?
  13. Hello. On another site , someone has rated this game 1/10 difficulty. Is it really an easy plat ?
  14. Got it. Thank you for your advice.
  15. Hello. I don't know how to get this trophy. How can I make the safety car appear ? I activated it in the options but don't know how to make the safety car appear.