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  1. the stunt list in infamous is the only thing between me and a platinum on infmaous -.-

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    2. Wolvie_181


      Damn,I hate that stunt.

    3. Lumen_Morgan


      If I can do all the stunts, I am home free:

      I got all the shards, dead drops, beat the game on evil, this playthrough is on good and hard so I'll pick up all those trophies on the way.


    4. Wolvie_181


      Yeah,that stunt has kept me from platinum the game too.

  2. Finally!! Moe and Marley are no more!!

  3. been playing on and off busy busy at work and playing poker tournaments....but I am up to level 4 in trophies!

    1. MxWhiteKnight


      For the least time consuming yet most mind blowing experience keep playing Batman Arkham Asylum/City.

      Kinda short, but the journey is amazing.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Dont worry! the first few lvls are so easy!

  4. Playing infamous, doing the 'Alden Strikes' mission....major jumping through chain fences and falling through

  5. well since the world is destorying itself outside with this massive thunderstorm, guess its me and Batman and Pizza Hut tonight.

    1. CasaDeBen


      Batman knows how to treat a lady

    2. EmperorDrizzle


      Lumen, great minds think alike huh? Just ordering a pizza! :)

  6. Moved up to level 3 in trophies....gonna do some arkham asylum before I head out for the night :)

  7. starting off the day with a little infamous, then probably working on arkham asyum later.

    1. EmperorDrizzle


      I hope it goes well.

  8. started an evil walkthrough of infamous, may play both good and evil at the same time....inching closer to level 3

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    2. Memnoch


      I'd agree with the above - and good is better for the hard playthrough

    3. SitusKiss


      +1 for Skippy's advice. I would focus on only Evil for playthrough 1 and only Good on playthrough 2. Good luck with the Platinum... it's a great game!

    4. MxWhiteKnight


      Ironically Evil breaks the Hard difficulty. Once you get the electric grenade. The ultimate power up is after it hits the ground it splits into 7.... so.... 5-6 grenades = 35-42 grenades.... Everything dies! xD

  9. finally got a non-bronze trophy :)

    1. CasaDeBen


      Platinum here you come!

    2. LinYoshiBelle


      One small step for your account; one giant leap for you. :3

    3. Bullstomp


      The higher the trophy the more addicting it gets. Wait till you see what golds and plats do to your rank. Just warning ya ;)

  10. its my friday night sort of...going to play some PS3...still haven't even taken GTA or Final Fatasy out of the wrappers.

    1. Karnacharya


      Final Fatasy? Is that a spinoff of the game where all the characters are morbidly obese? ;)

    2. NERVergoproxy


      oh oh play FF!

  11. Played infamous this morning.... Took out 5 gang members on a street corner....but killed about 10 civilians when I decided to 'pulse' a car at said gang members. Yeah, that sounded like a much better idea in my head at the time :/

    1. Memnoch


      sounds about right, damn civilians always getting in the way

  12. Arkham Asylum seems to have the cheapest trophies....everytime I turn around I seem to get one.

    1. Bullstomp


      Lol wait till you get to the challenges . . .

    2. daftprophet


      Bullstomp pretty much hit the nail on the head...Good luck >:)

    3. Lumen_Morgan


      yeah I haven't done much outside of the story mode...I am not a very 'efficient' batman so I will be impressed if I get any trophy for doing well.

  13. Stuck on the moe and marley mission in Borderlands, cant seem to be stealthy enough in infamous for spy games...guess I'll start getting deeper into Arkham Asylum

    1. Memnoch


      Moe and Marley not the easiest of missions, I think I made sure I was slightly higer level than needed !

    2. Mr Incredible
    3. Lumen_Morgan


      yeah leprodigalson, I am currently level 18 with Lilith and I can barely get them down to half health....

  14. Just got done in the lost cave...entered a level 12, left a level 17 with a level 7 sniper rating :)

    1. Lumen_Morgan


      In Borderlands*

    2. MxWhiteKnight
    3. Eddy_C_Kan


      Congrats :) I went in level 55 got out level 58 lol. But I also lost $5 million :\

  15. Starting off this morning with 'infamous'

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    2. Lumen_Morgan


      I don't like this at all, too many rooftop snipers, no real way to know your health, pressing a button to aim a button to fire and an analog to move the circle....I'll pass.

    3. Memnoch


      :D the controls were often what stopped people I know playing - pity as the game itself is good

    4. Lumen_Morgan


      Yeah, I dunno perhaps I'll give it another shot tomorrow....just found the controls really annoying.