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  1. You're right. I did veteran difficulty all by my self (i dont have friends to play with, so i have tried that way..i had some luck:), but i can say that the new patch its: waaaaay worse than before. The respawing of the special one word..its atrocious. I was playing at nightmare (solo), and the act 1-3 its pure insanity: i have counted and killed: 7 stingers, maybe more than 10 exploders, 2 snitchers, hordes(maybe 2), and tallboys( i dont even bothered to count them...) and i had the acid zombies, of course i didnt make it to the end, but the funny thing is, if you die, you die for good because you have just one life, and you can not be revived (maybe the solo mode its done in this way; i have tried with karlee, holly but it is the same thing). A lot of cards have been nerfed..too bad because i like challenges, but this game right now its very bad...its not fun at all. A VERY VERY VERY BAD PATCH. Nightmare its nerfed???I dont think so..They have ruined a potentially good game. Too bad.
  2. 😂😂yes! i had an idea just like that..outta of nowhere!!! i thought...this time i wont get the platinum because..i cant share a helmet😂.. RKO RKO (rkbro😂). Have a nice day!👋👍
  3. well said! you're right! thank you!😀👌
  4. Finally!!I have got the trophy! Apparently i have discovered what i was doing wrong... Maybe it doesnt matter, but im playing the ps4 version of the game. I have just wanted to try one last thing: from the main menu, customization, search online(bottom left of the screen), download a helmet created from another player!!!apply it and go to race. At the end the trophy will unlock (hopefully😂). Thanks for your help anyway!😀👍
  5. Thanks for your help but i quit. Whatever i do its the same...i cant understand why it has to be so strange. I do these things in this order: main menu, customization, driver, helmet, my creations, i push triangle button to share the helmet that i have created, then push x button to apply it(appears the checkmark). Go online race, official team (then i select any driver), then the race starts and guess what...there is the same original helmet😂. (Maybe my helmet its horrible and doesnt want to share it 😂😂). Thanks anyway👍
  6. thanks but nothing...i have created a new helmet, shared, and i have applied it, did the race and when the race driver wears always the default helmet.. i really i cant understand it....
  7. Hello everyone. I need help regarding "show off" trophy. I did 25 online races..uploaded 6 creations..I did this way: on main menu, driver, helmets, i choose and applied one of my creations. I go to online races and never change the helmet. I tried to download helmets created by others, applied...nothing. Its obvious that something its not right..but what?! Maybe i need to start the career and use that character? Any advice?!. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. I have just got the "Rally Fan" trophy and the plat😀. It unlocked for me after..1197 races overall. I did: 98 online races, 10 quick races (more or less), and the rest on career mode, and i finished to 607 rally races. In career mode i choose races with 1 and 2 stars (sometimes 3 stars..), but i never did the same race! Good luck to everyone👋
  9. Hi. I have unlocked the trophy. I did a new gymkhana event, and i reached more than 34000 pts, but this time i did one of the objects (on the left of the screen)..maybe the game it will count the points, only when you do at least one object.😉👋
  10. Hi everyone. I have just finished a race on a Gymkhana event, and i got more than 35000 pts, but the "Stuntman" trophy didn't unlock. Im playing on ps5 version. Any advice? Thanks
  11. Hi everyone. I have just got the trophy (all the 47 past ups) and the platinum. It was my last trophy. I saved all the files on a usb device, then deleted all the saves from the ps4 and i started a new game. I played until i've done all the training missions in the safehouse. When i was out of it, i have searched a drone at Westminster (at the front of the safehouse, it's a red zone). From this point: 1)I've never used a fast travel or a car; (never used a rest mode, just pause button, to check the guide); 2)i travelled only with the drone; 3)when i applied a past up,i waited the cutscenes and the eTo points; (i've used the same image, the white skull); 4)i followed the power pyx guide; 5)i've never changed the starting character! (i choose a hacker); 6)i played with the last patch 1.06 installed; 7) i've changed my internet connection from wi-fi to ethernet; after 3 hours..I've got all the stencils unlocked and got the trophy. I hope this message can help someone to achieve this trophy (and probably the platinum😉)! good luck eveyone!
  12. Hi. I have got the trophy WRC champion. I just wanted to confirm that it needs to be done in season mode. First i did WRC2, (i finished in 2nd place because i have skipped a race :), then i did WRC2 PRO ( i won), then i did WRC winning 11 races and skipped the last 3, and the trophy popped after the season was finished. Have a good day
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have got the trophy "i make this look good". Apparently its not glitched. I did it with Rikki, skin bike "Dakar"(the second one 45$)but i had to beat my old record that was 175000, now its 191000. Now lets see the second challenge...:-)
  14. Gold medal with Boozer 127000pts no trophy..glitched😂😂👎🏻
  15. Thanks! Now im trying to get it with Boozer..Im still using the bike skin Dakar ( the second one). I dont know if i have to buy one specific skin..i got 3 times a gold metal with rikki and one with deacon ( even though i knew that with him didnt count). If i will get the gold medal with Boozer and no trophy..its glitched for me😂👌🏻🙋🏼‍♂️