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  1. Yup, I do it all the time when I play this.
  2. It all depends on the extent of backwards compatibility on day 1. Like OP stated, my backlog of PS3 & PS4 games is pretty insane and a day 1 purchase wouldn't make much sense for me without a highly available BC to keep me busy for awhile. The PS2 and PS3 initial releases were good for this imo, so hopefully Sony replicates what was done with those.
  3. The size of each level's map drags this game out to be longer than it should be. The over simplification of the game and the lack of variety it offers, doesn't justify the time it takes to platinum and it gets a bit boring after awhile.
  4. Meh. Every month since Sony discontinued free PS3 and Vita games, I miss them more and more. I've already played through the entire Bioshock series on PS3 and hate remasters and I've never been a fan of the Sims series or VR. Oh well, 3 less games to join the backlog I suppose.
  5. WOW! I'm glad someone created this topic! I just noticed this issue last week! Any ideas as to what is causing it?
  6. I see the portal that you are talking about but every time I go through it, my guy explodes at what looks like another portal on some random part of the screen. Any advice?
  7. LOL! True. I refuse to replay it on the PS4.
  8. A little late in responding: but I ran into this issue too. You have to hit the big button in the middle of the controller once you've entered into HI-SCORE MODE and choose the reset score option. Once I did that then the option to record my score came up after I got a Game Over.
  9. I haven't a clue. I finished the original PSOne game back during its original release when I was in high school (showing my age here) and to this day, I still think that it has one of the best battle systems of the FF series and some of the most rewarding side quests as well. I always thought FFII was considered the red headed stepchild of the series though (I don't think it's a bad entry either btw).
  10. Thanks for the warning. All the above things make me sick too 😛
  11. I like this site too much to crash its servers with my backlog list 😅
  12. Platinum Get all other trophies
  13. I'm saying she ended up falling in love with the guy - I don't think that leads to burning an entire city full of innocent people Not really. She wrestled with the idea before doing so. It was a flawed attempt to establish some sort of law and order with the old powers no longer being in place. That wasn't her doing, it was Drogo's, before learning how to influence his actions. Which actually indirectly caused his death. She convinced him not to kill the witch and well we know the rest... I don't know - taking young men away from their families, castrating them, robbing them of any real identity, physically abusing them...nope, no real difference there 😏👌 . She reneged on her business mean she outsmarted human trafficers at their own game? I'd hardly call any of that "city burning insanity" I would call that more incompetent at that point. Again, we're talking about someone who just found their strength and was still learning about seizing power. That doesn't make her crazy, just unseasoned. Well murderous insane people, usually don't give folks an opportunity not to die before killing them...very much unlike what we saw last night. The Machiavelli quote proves my point. That's not insane, its philosophical approach ruling. I'd agree to an extent, I just fail to see how any of the examples you've provided could be interpreted as insane or be any inkling as to how a person committing those actions could burn an entire kingdom down when presented with more options.