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  1. Ok, I've managed to get all the necklaces at once twice now and the trophy is just flat out not popping. Any advice????
  2. They uploaded today! Thanks for all the advice everyone 😊
  3. I've been stuck on this trophy for about a week now but its ranked "uncommon" on here. How in the world are so many people getting this trophy?! It seems extreme random and luck based. Is there some sort of strategy to make the necklaces spawn more frequently or the bosses spawn less frequently? p.s. I've figured out that the bosses never spawn on the entire row of rooms above and below the starting point of each floor nor the 2 rooms immediately left and right of it...but that's about it in terms of strategy.
  4. how do I go into offline mode?
  5. The game shows up in my collection but the trophies don't. However, I can see the trophies in my notifications.
  6. I cannot find a trophy list for this game anywhere but I think I got 100% of the trophies. They will not sync with PSN...anyone know what's going on with this?
  7. I don't know what you guys are talkin' about. If sucking ass was an Olympic sport, this game would be taking home the gold!
  8. Looks awesome! I can't wait to check it out! This reminds me that I still need to play through Cosmic Star Heroes.
  9. I just completed the game. I thought it was a pretty good retro title. It had a mix of old school Sonic and Metroid vibes to it.
  10. Thanks for the guide! Boy, I sucked at this game. It took me a good while to complete the trophy list! 😋
  11. Physical media > digital downloads. Crap like this continues to reinforce this.
  12. Son of a.....! The link worked!!!! Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you!
  13. Is anyone else having issues accessing their download list or downloading anything for that matter from the Vita's Playstation Store? I can access it but continue to get this error when trying to download anything: "Could not connect to Playstation Network within the time limir. (NP-2245-3)" Trophy sychning and everything else seems to work.
  14. LOL @ people thinking that everyone has the same gaming or trophy hunting "values" as them. Shovelware has existed since time immemorial and the golden rule for it still stands: if you don't like it, don't play it. And here's a new golden rule for the era of trophy hunting: "mind your own trophy list and no one will get hurt"
  15. 😆