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  1. She also fell in love with the Drogo (not rationalizing rape but just saying...) That wasn't insanity, just bad decision making. She wouldn't be the first to do so...see Tyrion and Varys from this past episode What season was this? THEY WERE SLAVERS!!! Again, not insanity. Just being green to having power. Makes sense in terms of instilling a sense of fear to those you plan to rule. She gave them the option of submission and they challenged her on her promise of death for not doing so. She had to prove that she is a woman of her word - not insanity "No More Evil Left"???? Please name another character on the show who SUCCESSFULLY destroyed an entire kingdom! And we can ignore their surrender... And maybe you and your wife did pick up on certain things with Dany but I'm saying it shouldn't have been so subtle up to this point. Geoffry, Ramsey, Cersi, the Night King...all did things that shocked and disgusted us but the show was very up front about what they were.
  2. I agree with this 100% I have yet to hear or read an explanation of her actions that makes any coherent sense. If the writers wanted to go down this road, they could have done a better job taking us down her trip to madness. It comes across like the producers were going for a "Red Wedding" type of shock value rather than tying the story up in a way that makes sense. During the past seasons, a lot of the audience (including myself) were shocked by the extent that the other villains went to for power but not really surprised much by the person who did it. And as far as "this person" and "that person" close to Dany dying, this isn't the first time she's lost people close to her but didn't decide to go all Anakin Skywalker on everyone. Targaryen or not, severe mental illness in someone shouldn't just make its grand appearance in a well developed character during the final season of said character's show. I'm not going to crap on the entire season like I've seen and heard a lot of other folks doing because I have been enjoying it up to this point...just not the sudden change in Dany's personality.
  3. I liked the first game. Hopefully there's a Vita version.
  4. Hi, can someone please advise me on how to find and fight the optional boss for the "Crisis Averted" trophy?
  5. I actually found the site when playing through Asdivine Hearts and randomly landed on the list of games when I just went surfing around the site out of curiosity, lol.
  6. Most of them are ports of mobile games. I usually go to the below site to research secrets and exploits about newly ported KEMCO games on Sony platforms and I'm willing to bet most if not all of these games are going to be eventually ported to PSN:
  7. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The trophy list smelled very Kemcoish.
  8. Master of Time Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available. While this did end up being better than FFXIII in many ways, it has its own set of issues. A lot of the content in this game is very time intensive (including the platinum) without much of a rewarding pay off - gameplay and story wise. It all ended with much more to be desired...but at the end of the day, it was still a decent Final Fantasy game.
  9. Oh call a wahmbulance for all the ratalaika games haters on here. You don't like the way they do business then don't buy their games, SIMPLE! If their products had no value in the marketplace then they would cease to until they do, the criticism just sound like useless whining.
  10. Sure, if a Bomberman game's difficulty was cranked up to "Super Meat Boy"
  11. Platinum GAL Get all other trophies.
  12. 😍 Looks and sounds awesome! Keep them coming! #longlivethevita
  13. Platinum Thief Get all the trophies
  14. Awesome Pea Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! GB NOSTALGIA!!! 😀
  15. Ghoulboy Master Obtain all trophies
  16. Nope, gotta love them day one purchases!
  17. PS4 Pro with a 2 TB gaming HDD. My logic: If I'm going to get a PS4, get the best model 👌
  18. Physical - Move them over to the completed pile since I'm a collector Digital - Delete them from my HDD
  19. (Vita) Platinum hero Obtained all trophies. Reminded me a lot of Pocket RPG on the Vita.
  20. (Vita) Platinum Hero Get all trophies
  21. Looks like the typical Kemco list. I'm sure it'll be fun!
  22. Master of the dungeon Collect all the trophies
  23. Own Them All All Trophies Collected
  24. Master Of The Universe Unlock all other trophies