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  1. (Vita) Rewards of Baking Earn every other trophy (Vita) Platinum Jack N' Jill Get all the trophies (Vita) Platinum Ship Get all the trophies
  2. Gem Smashers Lover Obtained all trophies.
  3. Merry Christmas! Dunno yet but I just got a platinum for Gem Smashers 😄
  4. (Vita) All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything You have successfully earned all other trophies in the game. Congratulations!
  6. Cynical master Unlock all trophies in Demetrios.
  7. Please help! Use at least 10 cookies
  8. Save the Ninja Clan Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks!
  9. As bad as I would like to change my name: Thanks for the warning label, but no thanks for all the potential trouble it can cause. Geez, Sony's gaming architecture is too sophisticated for its own good some times!
  10. Hopefully physical media will still be around. IMO, there appears to be a major push by several sectors of the home entertainment industry to turn the current distribution methodology into a "socialism as a service" strategy. Basically, a world where the consumer owns nothing and every form of entertainment medium is 100% controlled by the distributor - more specifically with access and pricing. The increasing availability of more and more streaming services is evidence to me that these companies are attempting to desensitize the public to the overall idea. Personally, I love having options and not being at the beck and mercy of a remote distributor and their finite licensing agreements. Not to mention: The digital divide that still exists in the world and the impact that an "always on" console would have in regions on the wrong side of it. The even more severe security implications of a personal account breach and/or another major network breach. Yup, 100% access to nothing that's not currently on your HDD ^ Speaking of which, even higher demands for larger physical and virtual storage space. To take away physical media is one of the most anti-consumer moves that a company/industry can make and is one that doesn't deserve my time or money.
  11. Get the PS4 Pro - Go big or go home...happy birthday btw! P.S. I never had an overheating issue but then again, I did buy an attachable fan for my PS4 Pro when I first bought it.
  12. PS3: PS Vita: Siralim PS4: PSN Sundays:
  13. No more League of Evil Defeat the League of Evil completing all challenges!
  14. Neither:
  15. Platinum Hero Get all trophies
  16. Descendants of Legend Obtained all trophies.
  17. ^ This! The visuals definitely remind me of Kirby's Dreamland.
  18. X 2 (PS4 & Vita versions)
  19. (PS4) Job done ! Gain all other trophies
  20. (Vita) Job done ! Gain all other trophies