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  1. Omniscient Traveler Obtained all trophies.
  2. Nevermind, please disregard. My tendency to overthink things has gotten the best of me. Setting the game's difficulty to easy before entering the battle solved the problem.
  3. How are people defeating this challenge so easily?! I can barely find anything online about what to do and the very little I was able to find explains nothing about how to raise every other party members stats besides Luneria's to a point in which they can survive after the maid's first turn, even at level 999. Surely, the method isn't just sitting around for hours and feed them all harvested fruit that only raises the respective stat category by single digits at a time...
  4. X 2 X 2 Platinum Destronaut Get all the trophies (PS4 & Vita versions)
  5. DeathSpank series complete! It was my least favorite in the series, especially since pretty much forces you to play the entire game over again on a higher (but not really) difficulty.
  6. PS4 Versions
  7. (Vita) Energy Invasion Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks!
  8. How about that level 24, tho? lol
  9. It would be nice to just be able to walk away from a game I don't care for but I'm a bit of a commitment whore and once I start something, I just have to see it through. Depending on what my intentions were for a game to begin with I either press on for the platinum/100% or playing to the game's completion. This actually reflects some of my most recent experiences with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and The Baconing. PoP was such a boring game to me, so I just dragged things out for a few months by playing bits and pieces until finally getting the platinum last week. The Baconing is my least favorite of the Deathspank series and has one trophy that require playing the entire RPG again on a higher difficulty...I just gotta have that 100%, lol The only exception most times for me is if a game is just annoyingly difficult and I lose all motivation to keep trying. Besides that, I usually just complete games I don't like over a longer course of time.
  10. I remember those days, lol. I managed to make it to 852 days before Muramasa Rebirth ended it. How far in to your streak are you?
  11. SQUAREBOY VS BULLIES DEFEAT ALL THE BULLIES 2 things about this game: 1. For some reason, I keep wanting to call this game "The Squidbillies" 2. The whole time I was playing through this, all I could think of was:
  12. Aye! I'm battling the same beast across the 3 realms as well (PS3, Vita, and PS4). She's a nasty one that continues to grow weekly! But I will be free of her clutches day...
  13. Similarly, this happened to me too in the middle of the game during a section where I just got done fighting a bunch of enemies and had to cross a bridge for us to reunite. What worked for me: running back a bit and then turning around to proceed to where I needed to go. It seemed like for some reason after I woke up from that particular save point, the game put her on a really narrow ledge and the moment I moved forward, she did too and fell off.
  14. Prince of Persia Obtain all other trophies How I ended up feeling about this game: Meh. I'm probably one of the few people ever who overall doesn't care for this game. The story was good but the fighting system was too bare-bones and the puzzles & parkour sections slow the pacing down way too much. They dragged the game out longer than it should've been. Hopefully, the other games in series improved upon these areas.
  15. ^ Fun little Metroid clone
  16. Revenant Master Obtained all trophies.
  17. I managed to find the majority of them by just taking a more "metroidvania" approach to exploring. Just try to not follow the obvious paths to normal level progression and you should easily find them or the doorways leading to them. Explore the entirety of every room before taking the'll need to do this any way to find every enemy and pile of gold.
  18. On "Normal" - The game actually gets easier the further you get especially if you collect all the gun upgrades in every level along the way. On "Hard" - The game makes it near impossible to get pass the 2nd boss using the main character (Blasting Agent) and pretty much forces you to use the melee attack based character (Sting) that you unlock after the first playthrough of the game. Once you start completing levels with Sting, it becomes virtually impossible to beat the game without him due to needing to get the gun upgrades missed in previous levels for Blasting Agent. On average, enemies take between 5 to 6 hits to kill and tend to be much faster and stronger than your character. Sting makes things more manageable because he cannot be damaged as long as you continue to mash the attack button for non-stop combos and this tends to make short work of most of the game's bosses. The main problematic area in Hard mode is Level 4 - both the level and the boss. It is very easy to go flying off the screen from one of Stings jump attacks due to there being no means of interrupting it; there being only one door at the very top of the first area to go through in order to save your kill/collection progress; and the boss requiring a very specific and long winded strategy to defeat (attack the right hand wall repeatedly to avoid damage and wait to attack the boss quickly every time it falls).
  19. Got it! This will be my first COD game ever...
  20. Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition Blasting Agent Be a Blasting Agent and unlock everything
  21. I'm super excited for this! I can't wait!
  22. (PS4) Platinum-explosion Complete all the trophies
  23. Battalion Commander Gracious Destroy the boss without stepping into napalm with squad leader
  24. Battalion Commander
  25. Asdivine Hearts A New Adventure Earn the ”A New Adventure” ending.