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  1. (Vita) Platinum-explosion Complete all the trophies
  2. Asdivine Hearts
  3. No matter now, I just completed the game and got all the endings this past weekend ☺️. I managed to get all the legendary weapons and honestly, they don't really increase the party members' stats by as much as one would think. Especially given the fact that I found it best to equip Felix with the Brave Tail as opposed to their legendary weapon due to the dip in the speed stat. But the "20 jewel on Felix" strategy was spot on! What I did: Kept attacking the magic orb (the one at the top) with Felix until it gave, meanwhile continuing to buff my party with Celine's War Dance, use the Maid drink that heals the entire party whenever our HP drop close to half and used Uriel's trust attack (Grovel on your hands and knees) on her first turn. Back when I first beat the Shadow Deity for the normal endings, I equipped Uriel with the jewel he gives you and that REALLY helped a lot moving forward and especially during the final battle. It basically reduces the MP cost of Shadow magic by half and quadruples its attack power...needless to say that it really helped that I max out her shadow magic at lvl 99 by that point. The strongest shadow magic spell only ended up costing 180 per turn and Uriel's MP was around 1100 once I reached the final battle. My party members were levels 105 and 106 btw.
  4. One trophy short of the 100%...dang, "Intermission" trophy!
  5. Plantera Finally! That glitchy Scarecrow trophy gave me problems.
  6. ****UPDATE**** Worked like a charm! Thanks again! 😁
  7. That's funny because the last manufactured PS2 was only released like 4 years ago. Seems like a cheap way to increase the demand for PS3s & PS4s (including all related games).
  8. Its funny right after I asked about this, the boss from the "A Maid's Pet" sidequest mopped the floor with my level 83 party. Just wondering how much more difficult Shaddai is from that boss because most attempts against it, ends with my party getting one hit KOed without even having a turn! πŸ˜“ Any recommendations on where to quickly level up to at least level 101?
  9. Seasoned Vet Play in matches for 100 hours. FINALLY! My new rarest trophy! 😁
  10. Yes and I even sometimes play games knowing I'm not going to bother with the platinum or ones without them. SURPRISE! 😏
  11. I'll give this a try too! Thanks!
  12. An effective battle strategy that I have used on almost every boss in the game is Uriel's Trust attack (Gravel at my feet) which pretty much cripples all enemies on the screen for a few rounds with every known status effect and stat reduction. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in your advice...would you know if it would at all be effective in this fight? Also, I'm currently in pursuit of the legendary weapons before attempting the True ending's final boss. Would you know if they are a difference maker in the fight?
  13. In no specific order: 1. Velocity Ultra 2. Rainbow Moon 3. Dragon Fantasy series 4. Flying Hamster HD 5. Rogue Legacy
  14. I caught this on sale the other week and thought it was pretty good. The story was much more darker and intense than I expected!
  15. EAT THEM! 😁 That's been on my wish list for a good minute!
  16. Lord Protector Lord protector and Guardian of the northern light and all lands above the great sand sea. Unlocked all the trophies.
  17. Platinum Unlock every Trophy.
  18. Update: Apparently the latest patch to the game corrects this issue. I logged on last night and after the update installed, the trophy popped.
  19. Thanks!
  20. Letter Quest Remastered WHY? Spell 3 words with no vowels
  21. Looks awesome! Anyone know the release date?
  22. Sands of Time Play the game for over 10 hours