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  1. Prototype 2 (3 days ago)
  2. The issue with the trophy rarity isn't in the difficulty (except for a handful of trophies) but more in sticking long enough with the game to pursue them. Knytt Underground definately isn't for everyone. Its more of an adventure/platformer type game. Think Metroid or Castlevania minus the action but with all the platforming and puzzle solving still intact. It doesn't take long at all to get to the 3rd and final chapter but that's where the game really just turns you loose. Once in chapter 3, the game doesn't tell you were to go and really seems to want the player to explore aimlessly around its ginormous map while completing story related and side missions. Knytt Underground's central focus is definately exploration more than anything else. Personally, I like it...following multiple paths, finding new rooms and wondering what secrets they hide (ranging from items to secret paths), it definately keeps things fresh and feels like an original experience.
  3. Spy Hunter. I haven't played it yet though
  4. Yeah, I saw that when researching the glitch. No worries though, I just Platinumed it (#4) the other day. I didn't have to completely start over since I did have an old save file that was 3 missions into the game and all of my gold rankings in the Radnet challenges carried over. I definately liked this game...because that's the ONLY reason that I would ever start so far back due to a glitch. To anyone else that see's this: my advice is to create another save file right after the mission where James makes contact with Dana Mercer for the first time and to NOT do any Radnet challenges or Liar side missions until completing the next two story missions. After that, progress completely from the autosave profile and keep the the other one the way it is in case you run into the glitch. That way, you'll have a pretty decent restarting point if your storyline missions disapper.
  5. It looks like you can only get it through Gamestop now (US):
  6. Any news or updates about when this will reach state side, please post here.
  7. This just happened to me . Anyone found or heard of a fix yet? I went to Activision's help page and they recommend clearing the PS3 cache: I'm going to try this when I get...weird that they never patched this after a year!
  8. Hands down the Infiltrator. Cloak n' Snipe with the M98 Widow ALL DAY! It really helped with the Horizon mission on Insanity.
  9. Yeah, I have it and even though I'm not really in to FPS...I really like it. Its pretty simple online pvp MP.
  10. Yes, fun little RPG. All the common action RPG elements are there but just on a small scale. If you're new to the genre or have a RPG itch to scratch then this is a good game. It can be a little buggy at times however...
  11. ME 1 - Ashley ME 2 - Tali ME 3 - Ashley Ashley made the most sense to me...I just didn't have the heart to break up with Tali so I never invited her up. I did bang Diana right before locking in Ash though . Too bad Kelly died in my ME 2 playthrough. Just curious tho...could I have had a 3 for 1 deal if she had survived?
  12. Hi, I'm not really sure as to how this works but I wanted to request IV card like the one that you have in your signature. Are you still taking request for those and do I need to supply the images for my Platinums? Also, does it only show images for the platinums or the 100%s too?