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  1. WOO HOO! I just passed my CompTia Security+ exam!!!!

  2. I did it! My 365 day trophy streak is finally complete ^_^ : http://www.(URL not allowed)/merciful84.htm

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      A trophy a day keeps the doctor away.

      Grats Yooooo :)

    2. merciful84
  3. BLING...PLATINUM! : "I've successfully earned my CompTia A+ certification" ^_^

    1. Vlank


      Congrats! I should be planning to take again as well lol

    2. merciful84


      Good luck! The 900 series just came out a few days ago and the 800 series is going to be retired 6/30/16

  4. Of Orcs and Men is a very awesome and underrated game! I had a blast playing through it.

    1. --Deleted--


      I got it on a flash sale. Haven't booted it up on the main account. I tested a bit of it on my alt though. It was a bit surprising that the battle stuff is more rts than anything.

    2. merciful84


      Yeah, it does have a bit of a rts element to it. The stealth sections take a good bit of strategy to get through too.

  5. ARG!!! Didn't know that Sword Art doesn't save AT ALL during MP and lost hours worth of progress when I turned my Vita off! SAO, Y U DO DIS?!

    1. TigressLion


      No matter the game online or not, I NEVER turn off a game until I 100% surely see the auto-save symbol. A practice I recommend getting into, It has saved me MANY times.

    2. merciful84


      Well technically its not only...MP is just using multiple characters at once on SAO. But yeah, I totally neglected to pay attention to the autosave indicator.

    3. merciful84


      its not online*

  6. I carjacked a lady on Sleeping Dogs and she yells: "Y U DO DIS, Y?!" LOL!

  7. Hooray! Finally 2013: Infected Wars' trophy list has synced and been added to the site!

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      Is it good? I've heard bad things about it

    2. merciful84


      Its definately a budget title but its simplistic zombie killing fun.

  8. I'm a bit peeved over not being able to do Impossible mode on NG+ in Dead Space! What's the point of NG+ if you reduce the replayability of the game by not allowing players to choose their own difficulty setting?!

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    2. merciful84


      I do because I was looking forward to playing NG+ on a high difficulty setting and don't feel like playing the game 2 more times just for a platinum. Its a good game but this kind of hindrance to its replayability doesn't make it THAT good. My backlog deserves better treatment anyway :P

    3. DaisyVilla102


      Purely from the plat-earning perspective- you could just play NG+ long enough to max out your weapons (only worthwhile of course if you're already close to the max-out point), then start up an Impossible Mode game and use only the Plasma Cutter.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      I agree though... I wish they would have allowed one to at least increase the difficulty for a NG+.

  9. Resident Evil Revelations > Resident Evil 6. In fact, Revelations is officially my favorite game in the series so far!

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    2. Xxleonardo97xX


      On my backlog, since February, maybe I should try it. I only bought it because I loved RE5

    3. merciful84


      @allenbird What do you think of it so far?

      @Xxleonardo97xX I'd recommend trying it but the pacing is a bit slower and the game plays a lot differently than RE 5. It has more similarities to RE 4, the item management is the most simplified that I've played of all the games in the series, and the storytelling to kind of broken up like RE 6 except you play as other people in different parts of the episodes instead of different campaigns.

    4. PREDRAG-K


      Same here. Only bought it to play with a friend, then it ends up being my favorite RE game.

  10. Huge shoutout to TheYuriG and DARKB1KE for being a huge help in getting my first ultra rare plat: Terraria!

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    2. merciful84


      Mass Effect 1: I just need to level up one more time to get the platinum and am at the very beginning of my 4th playthough of that game. I keep hearing different things about the length of time it takes to get enough experience to reach the maximum level. Do you know how long it should typically take?

      Guacamelee: Do I have to find all the health upgrades and buy all the moves over again if I've already completed the game once?

      Dokuro: Those time based trophies and th...

    3. TheYuriG


      For the last level, doesn't take too long from what I've heard. It could be more painful, but luckly it isn't.

      Guacamelee, no you don't. I believe you have all the endings, so all you need is to find all the chests, beating the game and the gauntlet on hard

      Dokuro, I don't know, never had the chance to play, but from the looks of your trophy list, you don't look far from finishing

    4. merciful84


      Ok. Yeah, I didn't feel like having to get all those upgrades all over again on Guacamelee. But I may go back and redownload it now that you say that

      Dokuro...yes and no as far as having a long way to go towards the platinum. I did enjoy the challenge of having to figure out the puzzles for each room but while taking my time, lol. Those time based trophies look like an absolute headache. Plus, that boss rush without damage trophy seems a bit ridiculous too.

  11. Now people are starting to create rumors about the next Mass Effect being a reboot...yes, a reboot. The reasoning behind it...what do you think? THE ENDING! People get over it! The series JUST ended last year. Even though the ending was subpar, it doesn't make the rest the series or even ME 3 in itself a subpar game. They are just as amazing with or without the ending...same great characters/character development, same great storytelling, same great non-linear gameplay, same great...

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    2. BooneJusticius


      Very true. They could do a game or even a trilogy about the Asari, Salarians and Turians coming together and forming the council. There's definitely a lot of potential as you mentioned.

    3. PREDRAG-K


      I have yet to play ME3, but I loved ME2. The characters, story, gameplay, etc. were all great. But I have had people tell me that the ME3 ending ruined ME for them. They felt like none of their choices mattered, and it apparently ruined anything the game was building. But even then, it would be a stupid reason to do a reboot. If anything, ME4 will have nothing to do with Shepard.

    4. N7-XenoRoxas


      I just can't wait. I've seen concept art for the next game and from the drawing it looks amazing.

  12. Even though its a total "grind feast", I'm loving Rainbow Moon. It just reminds me of all the reasons why I love indie gaming. Indie developers generally seem to "get it" and best capture the essense of gaming imo. They are willing to take those chances that the big guys aren't willing to these made by gamers for gamers.

    1. BooneJusticius


      Yeah, smaller developers like that are able to create something like Rainbow Moon that's more of a nostalgia game than anything. I can't wait until the spiritual successor "Rainbow Skies" comes out either.

    2. merciful84


      Yeah, me too. I'd much rather play it on my Vita like I'm doing with Rainbow Moon

  13. That "Dark Souls" sig is hilarious! lol

    1. Zanzarro


      PvP in real life lel

  14. Every time I see your sig, it reminds me of the Pharell song, "Happy". lol

  15. Nice Split/Second platinum! I really need to get back on that game.

    1. McJacs2


      Thanks, it wasn't too, too difficult, but getting the time trials took patience.

  16. Hey, I remember that we were playing Knytt Underground around the same time and you recently completed it...did you feel the least bit trolled by the endings?

    1. damon8r351


      I did, but I kind of expected it, after the couple scenes in chapter 1 and 2 where you enter that tunnel and Nicklas cuts in and says "And then there was an explosion" and ends the chapter.

    2. merciful84


      Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing too but more of how Juno's story ended. Just abrupt with the two fairies commenting on it. I did like the game for being unique and holding my attention as long as it did but the ending made me feel like I had just had my time wasted.