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  1. Basically yes. So you start a run on standard or hardcore (for trophies sake) in new game and try to beat it in their respective time, while also trying to stay under the allowed number of saves.
  2. Save transfer is unfortunately only from PS4 to PS5 - so auto pop is also only PS4 to PS5.
  3. Pretty much. Mercenaries is supposed to be a free, while Separate Ways will be a paid DLC that is planned to be released later this year (my guess is around november). No word on Ada's Assignment. Maybe they incorporate both in one - but we have to wait for official information on that.
  4. Amen! I will also take it slow and see if I could take out some restricting trophies on my first playthrough like knife/handgun only or no healing. If I come around to play the PS4 version, I might go for fewer runs. According to Digital Foundry the PS4 version targets 60fps, however never really reaches or holds it for too long. It is usually at around 45fps.
  5. Talking about DLCs. I wonder how Separate Ways and Adas Assignement is going to play out, as the originals where kinda too straight forward for my taste. I hope Capcom designs them in a more open fashion.
  6. It could be worse. Imagine doing 12 playthroughs of Callisto Pro.... never mind­čść.
  7. Just take it slow. Most REs are about knowing what's to come and the encounter layout. Just start from assisted and move your way up the difficulty. Devil May Cry has basically the same design philosophy. I probably would have never enjoyed this series if I haven't started it on human (easy). There will also be a lot of different takes on guides available from known trophy guide creators, Optinooby but also from speedrunners like CarcinogenSDA.
  8. Oh yeah, I see. No damage on professional is pretty impressive with all those flying sickles/hatchets. Man, I hope for you that those S+ rank trophies don't stack so you don't have to do hardcore with those restrictions­čśä. But if it is a personal challenges you want to undergo - godspeed and waldmannsheil!
  9. The infinite launcher might be only available on ng+, but there is also a regular rocket launcher for purchase. At least in the OG it was available pretty much before every boss encounter for 30000 pesetas. So you could one-shot almost every boss (except multi phase fights) and get your money back with their loot.
  10. Now, that is a huge relief. However, do you happen to know if accessories or DLC weapons (sentinel nine and skull crusher) count against the handcannon challenge? But maybe you had no access to them, as the probably only unlock on friday.
  11. Nope, only @Optinooby is calling him that, as it stuck with him from one of his guides, or something. The merchant was never given an official name. Maybe ask Duke from Village - he seems to know him.
  12. Worded it a bit wrong. What I meant is you can take your time and figure out the routes and encounters. It also seems like there is more than 2 playthroughs required. The S+ rank trophies are not worded with 'or higher', so at the very least it's 2 playthroughs for S+ ranking and 1 additional for professional on ng without unlocked weapons. So the first playthrough on normal is going to be crazy. Speedrun for S+, no healing items, only knives and handguns, no merchant, (maybe?) even all treasure + some misc stuff. Then hardcore S+, all merchant requests. 3rd playthrough on professional for the handgun.
  13. Yeah, I read through his thread and he should make a clear post about what goes and what not. My guess is, that he used another unlockable weapon on his professional run and voided the handcannon this way. Hope you are not going crazy trying to figure out strats for an optimal guide. Rather liked the laid-back nature of your guides, helped me alot on OG village mercenaries.
  14. So, if professional s+ is not a platinum requirement and does not unlock a gun than it should be a bit easier to get the platinum. The question is if you can use unlocked accessories on professional ng to unlock the handcannon. Might make a big difference. Good think I don't even know this 'Ppyx'. Probably some Powerpyx imposters.
  15. For TLOU2 it is Naughty Dog giving the player a choice of 3 options: whole game, per act, per chapter. This way more people get into the thrill and can go as far as starting from scratch. Don't really know what Striking Distance Studios are doing or what the design philosophy is, but my guess is none really - just to fake genuin engagement and player retention to appease the publisher.