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  1. I had to say this, It was a very typical trophy list for a game when you play as a rabbit. What are your thoughts about of the list?
  2. I do not recommend skipping every dialogue and you will be missing out on the story. If choosing to skip the entire game, feel free to do so.
  3. JDU songs does NOT count for the Dance Legend trophy. Only the base game (Kids and Extreme versions do NOT count)
  4. This game came on August 5th 2022 on Steam and then it's now on PlayStation. So I am excited to play this!
  5. Finally! A visual novel game but it's anthropomorphic animals. 1/10 difficulty and 2-4 hours (if legitimately, Highly recommended) or 10 minutes if you skip a diologue (Just like what BadDriver did abuse the skip function on all VNs.) And would hope to see more anthropomorphic animal visual novels like this, Winds of Change, and Major\Minor someday
  6. Easy platinum but time consuming one. So it's 2 playthroughs for beating the game on each protagonist?
  7. This trophy was unfair due to the RNG. I tried one of the exploits but it did not work.. Is there any tips?
  8. For real?! It came to PSNP for now?
  9. Game looks like a lot of fun. Also I heard the list was very typical for the co-op game.
  10. I was about to kill anyone but it didn't register because the weird invisibility bot glitch. One of the items by pressing SQUARE when I was pressing R2 didn't register either. Do you guys have this glitch?
  11. Thank goodness, Activision didn't add any Warzone 2.0 trophies. Which means no Warzone related trophies to deal with!
  12. I am having trouble beating the very obnoxious bazooka/rocket launcher guy (Stu) boss and it was a total BS. He really shoots rockets on you and instantly kill you and it was really annoying! Any tips beating him?
  13. Anyone else remember watching Bratz, even from the childhood memories? I believe the list wasn't too bad. The game itself was okayish imo. Thoughts?
  14. Atari are absolutely a cult classic. The list was kinda challenging at times. What did you guys think about it?