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  1. This one game where i dont care about trophies and just gonna sit back and just enjoy it. Cant wait! 8 days and counting
  2. Ive been looking foward to this game for over a year now..i havnt preorder it yet tho as im wait for after my birthday. This is definitely a type of game ive been looking for. Having a ship to go out in space and explore the galaxy with so many planets to land on, walk around and see what it holds. Plus space battles with big ships However i do hope this is false or wouldnt mind waiting timm July at least after that ill be disappointed but still probably get anyways
  3. Light Seeds Accumulator Collect 800 Light Seeds
  4. Grand Theft Auto IV 100% got this one a few days ago
  5. Prince of Persia the 2008 "reboot" playing this till UC4
  6. GTA IV
  7. Meaning like the single player?
  8. I dont mind this plenty of games in my backlog to keep me occupied!
  9. Working on GTA IV at the moment got the mp done awhile back and now im here to finish it off for good!
  10. At the moment playing Darksiders 1 but will probably also play GTA IV also going back and forth
  11. It may be a small trophy list and only a 6 hour game but hey i dont mind these types of games so def will be getting this one maybe not right away but sometime in the future...also i agree with the people saying just the trophy list is small and easy doesnt mean its gonna be disappointing
  12. Def. gonna give helldrivers a try looks very fun!
  13. Just Dynasty Warriors 4 for me i would spend hours on that game! Would def. plat that if they brought it over to ps4
  14. Wow very glad I didn't start this game was thinking of playing it next year too!
  15. Hello just looking for some quick advice...I was planning on buying a ps4 within the next week or so and I was going to add the ps4 version of this game to it but I have ps+ and now it's free on the ps3 so what I'm asking is should I download it for ps3 or just buy the ps4 version..besides the awesome graphics I hear is there any real difference between these two?