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  1. Didn’t think about that but yeah I guess you’re right. It’s possible to cheese those targets though, by killing the target then warping out, sometimes multiple targets appear on the same map and it has a chance to change every 6 hours to a different target.
  2. You guys are right, since the update it does autopop now.
  3. Totally down for this.
  4. If you’re an average or slightly above average player then it’s definitely possible, just takes practice and mirroring the demo.
  5. Yep, to stay ahead of everyone else that’s going for it, this is only for doing emperor. I got it on the third day when I went for it. You also want to do it in the below level 50 campaign as there is less people there, and your build won’t matter as much as it would in the major campaigns.
  6. You can play either version on the PS5, whichever version you want to pop trophies on, but if you are wanting to do both versions you will have to do each individual thing that pops a trophy on separate characters as trophies do not stack. Emperor can be obtained by multiple people in the same week. But only one person can have it at a time and another alliance needs to take all of the keeps to reset it. Not sure what you mean by this question. If you mean without having the second trophy list (Additional Trophies) then yes that’s definitely possible just don’t do those areas/dungeons/trials. You unlock PvP areas at level 10. There is no quest for it, but it will take time and dedication and you want to start whenever the new campaign starts that week. Need to be able to play 20+ hours per day to stay in the points lead. It’s not really a matter of how many people are needed, people will come and go, if there are people playing play with them, if not capture resources and repair keeps your alliance owns. You can co-op everything besides some of the main story missions. The subscription gives you all of the smaller dlc content, an exp bonus and the craft bag which is an unlimited space bag for all crafting items. It also gives you a discount on some of the store items in game. The biggest hurdle you will face is some of the dlc dungeons. They are the hardest content in the game that you have to do for trophies, that being said… a dungeon group is usually a tank, 2 dps and a healer. DPS make or break runs in this game as there is a lot to learn to be a good one. There are daily quests but none pertain to trophies. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. Yes but with this there’s no clean up run.
  8. Deliver Us The Moon Collectibles and Missable Trophy Guide by Phoenix777Down Something of note: For comics to count you have to click read on each one after picking them up, and although they are collectibles Comics are not part of the collectibles counter in the Level Select screen. Fensenkov Launch Site 1: Comic - Moonman: Far Crossing - Located on a crate in the room where you start the game beside a plate and fork. 2: Scan - The Mission: MPT Network Dish - As soon as you leave the starting room and head down the stairs it’s directly in front of you. 3: Scan - The Johansen Family: A Mother Lost - After the MPT Network dish there is a trailer on your left, go inside it and there will be a monument to scan on your left. 4: Scan - The Mission: Sputnik Monument - In the same outside area as the MPT Network Dish, directly before ascending the stairs to the elevator leading to the next area. 5: Scan - The Mission: Fortuna - Once inside the station, 2 rooms after descending a flight of stairs will be a scannable white board directly in front of you before making a left turn to continue forward. This is right before the room you have to move the ladder in. Missable Trophy - (You Spend Me Right Round) - In the same room as the last collectible, there is a globe in the back right corner that you can interact with. Do so until it’s spinning for the trophy. 6: Scan - The Malfunction: Maria’s Broken ASE Unit - In the room following the Fortuna whiteboard scan on the right hand side you will see a workbench with a broken drone sitting on top of it. Scan the drone. 7: Audiolog - The Mission: Last Minute Check Up - Unmissable. Walking through a certain doorway as you pass through the station will automatically trigger this one. 8: Scan - The Johansen Family: Claire’s Model Rocket - Directly after the Last Minute Check Up audiolog, to the left. Missable Trophy - (In The Nick Of Time) - Wait at the bottom of the ladder leading into the space shuttle until the timer reaches 0:03 then climb. Missable Trophy - (Houston, We’ve Had a Problem) - Once you reach the cockpit of the space shuttle, do nothing until it fails 5 times. Pearson Space Station 1: Scan - The Johansen Family: MPT Transmitter - (Easily Missable) As soon as you get control you start out in your shuttle in zero gravity, move forward and out of your shuttle and there is a dome directly above you. Float up to the dome and in front of you will be what you need to scan. This is before pressing the button to open the airlock. Missable Trophy: Gasping for Air - This can be done in multiple places but this is the easiest. In the room where you restore the life support but before doing so… head to the right where there are a bunch of oxygen canisters. Now wait for your oxygen timer to hit 0:01 to pick one up. 2: Audiolog - The Blackout: Descent - Unmissable. As soon as you restore life support enter the door that opens beneath your feet and head down the tunnel in zero gravity, as soon as you enter the next room look up and it will be right in front of you. 3: Scan - The Blackout: Pearson Space Elevator - Directly after the Descent Audiolog to your left is a yellow and black poster, this is what you need to scan. 4: Audiolog - The Blackout: Preparations - Once you enter the Sleep Quarters it’s directly on the left through the doorway to Sarah Baker’s Room. 5: Scan - The Malfunction: Cryosleep Machinery - Directly across from Sarah Baker’s Room is Rolf Robertson’s Room, it’s floating in the air to the right above his desk. 6: Comic - Moonman: First Contact - In the same room as the last collectible, floating in the air in front of Rolf’s sleeping pod. Missable Trophy - (Moonbear) - Use the telescope in Rolf’s room and wait 10-15 seconds to see a Teddy bear float by outside. Missable Trophy - (Have A Seat) - After getting the code from Rolf’s room and opening the door, the next big room you enter has a floating chair in it. You need to use the console to open the door at the end of the room, then push the chair into that room. After that use the console in that room to access the plasma cutter and cut the locks then press the button to open the door and push the chair into the room you get the plasma cutter for the trophy. 7: Audiolog - The Blackout: Blackout - Unmissable. Right after the section where you get the plasma cutter attachment. After closing the Airlock it will be right in front of you. 8: Scan - Outward: Orion Wing Plate - In the same room as the audiolog, near the end of the shelving maze on the left. Copernicus Moonhub 1: Audiolog - The Blackout: Arrival - Unmissable. Near the beginning of the level through the arched doorway behind the desks. 2: Scan - The Johansen Family: Kathy’s Place - Right after the previous audiolog, enter the first open door on the right. Should have the name Isaac Johansen beside the door. Scan the sleeping pod on the right side of the room. 3: Hologram - Outward: Conspirator’s Dissent - Unmissable. After the sleeping chambers you will come across offices belonging to each of the same crew members. Inside the third door, the office Rosa Leverde, you will see holograms throughout the room. Interact with the malfunctioning ASE Drone on her desk. It is the one you must repair for the story to continue. 4: Scan - The Johansen Family: Growth Chart - In the maintenance room where you repair the ASE drone, to the left of the door under the stairs. 5: Hologram - The Johansen Family: A Father’s Plight - After Repairing the ASE Drone and using it to turn on the generator, enter Isaac Johansen’s Lab and the hologram will be floating above his desk on the right side of the lab. 6: Audiolog - The Blackout: Witnesses - Unmissable. After the previous collectible, use the ASE Drone to open the door under the stairs beside the Growth Chart collectible and go through the following door. 7: Scan - The Malfunction: Huygen’s Memorial Stone - In the same room as the previous collectible, head left and it’s at the end of the room in front of the open window. 8: Hologram - Outward: Trinity - From the last collectible, backtrack towards the audiolog collectible then head up the stairs, the ASE hologram will be floating in front of you. Missable Trophy - (Not a Scratch) - Don’t get hit by the electric blasts from the Rogue ASE Drone, this actually takes place slightly after the next few collectibles but I put it here in the guide because it can shoot you through the broken glass as soon as you enter the Crew Quarters room. 9: Scan - The Blackout: A Stray Chair - Directly in front of you as you walk through the Crew Quarters. 10: Comic - Moonman: The Bridge - Right after the last collectible once you reach the open room you will be in the Sleep Quarters, it is sitting on a table beside the bed in the second door to your right, the first one that opens. 11: Scan - Outward: Bunk Beds - Back in the big room of the Sleep Quarters, go down the stairs and scan the beds on the left side. 12: Audiolog - The Blackout: Confrontation - Unmissable. On the way to the control panel to enter the passcode to get into Security from the Sleep Quarters. Missable Trophy - (Not a Scratch) continued - Run around the pillars without getting hit by any of the electrical blasts from the Rogue ASE Drone and power it down. Missable Trophy - (Among the Stars) - When you go outside to the Moon’s surface, instead of following the objective, follow the left monorail track until you reach a recreation of the first Moon landing. It will be on your left side surrounded by green walls. Missable Trophy - (Stargazer) - Remain in the vehicle for 30 mins. 13: Hologram - Outward: The Great Leap Forward - After turning the power back on to the monorail station it will appear directly in front of you on the other side of the desk. 14: Hologram - The Burdens of Adherence - After getting the last hologram, head back to the Vehicle Bay. Once inside head up the flight of stairs to your right and you should see it straight ahead. 15: Audiolog - Sarah’s Journey: Departure - Unmissable. Interact with the chair on the monorail and you will get the Audiolog during the ride. Copernicus Outpost 1: Hologram - Abandonment: Crossroads - As soon as you start the level, exit the monorail and head down the stairs, it’s directly in front of you. 2: Audiolog - Sarah’s Journey: Leaving Breadcrumbs - Unmissable. Right around the corner from the hologram collectible. 3: Scan: Sarah’s Journey: Broken Tire - After the last collectible, head down the ladder. In the back right corner of this room is the tire you need to scan. 4: Comic - Moonman: Dawn of the Colony - After using your ASE Drone to go through the vents to get the code (1881) go back up the ladder and use it on the door, the comic is on the shelf near the bed. 5: Scan - Outward: Stockpile of Helium-3 - After using the same code again on the computer (1881) and opening the maintenance door, it’s right behind that door to the left. 6: Hologram - Abandonment: T Minus… - Right after the previous collectible at the top of the stairs. 7: Scan - Abandonment: Torn Wires - On the ground, directly behind the ASE Drone light puzzle lights that you have to turn blue. Extra note - After you solve the puzzle and get the collectible you just head back to the monorail. Added this note because I was confused on where to go and had to look it up. Reinhold Crater 1: Scan - Sarah’s Journey: Worn Astronaut Suit - Directly in front of you in the first hallway after exiting the monorail, right after a box with an oxygen canister. Missable Trophy - (Goodbye, Old Friend) - After the last collectible, cut through the door then climb the stairs; cut through the hatch and jump down. Here you will find a dead power cell in a console and a live one on the floor. Swap them out and carry the dead one to the end of the level for this trophy. You will have to drop it anytime you want to interact with anything in the level and when you ride in the vehicle. 2: Comic - Moonman: Hope and Despair - As soon as you make it into the first room with oxygen, instead of going up the stairs go to your left and it’s on a metal box between the lockers. 3: Hologram - Abandonment: Out of the Blue - In the same room as the last collectible, up the stairs to the right. 4: Scan - Abandonment: Tea Party - Same room as the last collectible, opposite side of the stairs is a table with some chairs to scan for the next collectible. 5: Hologram - Abandonment: One Flew - Continue forward from the last collectible and it is directly in front of you right after the next hallway. 6: Scan - The Malfunction: Edgar’s Hunch - Directly behind the One Flew hologram in the same room is a whiteboard for you to scan. 7: Hologram - Abandonment: Into the Dark - In the next room with no oxygen, on the right side of the room. Missable Trophy - (Goodbye, Old Friend) continued - After the Into the Dark hologram you have to set the dead power cell near the hole and kick it in before getting into your moon rover. On the surface of the moon, you do not need to keep it with you the whole time, you just need it to be destroyed by the second tower when it falls. Set the power cell near the door of the closest tower then travel to the far away tower marked as your objective. Line this tower up with the tower you placed the power cell at, drive back to that tower and place the power cell directly behind your vehicle then hurry to the top to line it up with the main building before the timer runs out. 8: Hologram - Sarah’s Journey: A Sliver Of Hope - Unmissable. As soon as you turn back on the power to the monorail. Tombaugh Facility 1: Scan - The Reactor: Not a Normal Formation - At the beginning of the left exit the monorail and start descending into the crater, there will be a piece of the monorail track on your right in the first open area. This is what you need to scan. 2: Scan - The Reactor: Excavation Machine - As soon as you enter the structure after pushing the empty helium canisters down the hill to use as a stepping stool it will be on the right hand side. 3: Hologram - The Reactor: A Fateful Encounter - Right after passing through security you will come into an open room with a giant metal gyro sphere in the center, walk past it and up the stairs and it will be directly in front of you. 4: Audiolog - Tombaugh Riots: Rebellion - Unmissable. Right after sneaking past the rogue ASE Drones, you will enter the maintenance department, straight ahead is another door leading to storage and it’s in that doorway. 5: Audiolog - Find Me: Family - Unmissable. As soon as you enter the sleep quarters after sneaking by the rogue ASE Drones. 6: Comic - Moonman: New Flame - After entering the sleep quarters it’s inside the first door that will open on your left, on the table beside a chess set. Same room as the passcode (8662). 7: Scan - Find Me: Private Whiteboard - Across the hall from the last room is another open door that leads to a bathroom, inside the bathroom tucked in the back right corner in front of the sinks is this collectible. 8: Audiolog - Tombaugh Riots: The Greater Goods - Unmissable. Right after using the security code to open the door to the gym. 9: Hologram - The Reactor: On The Brink - Directly in front of you as soon as you enter the control center. 10: Scan - Tombaugh Riots: Big Brother - Upon entering the flooded lecture hall, in the back corners are two sets of stairs leading to another room. Inside this room on the back side are TV monitors that you can scan. 11: Audiolog - Find Me: Lost And Found - Back in the flooded lecture hall directly on the path to Helium Storage. Missable Trophy - (The Aquanaut) 1/2 - In the flooded hallway right after the last Audiolog under the water is a pipe on the bottom right hand side that you can send your ASE Drone through, inside this pipe is a rubber duck. Push the duck out and collect it. 12: Scan - Tombaugh Riots: Empty Helium-3 Canister - Right after the flooded corridors you will enter the helium storage facility. On the right hand side is a giant canister sticking out of the wall, scan it. Missable Trophy - (The Aquanaut) 2/2 - After the electrified water puzzle, instead of heading to the right and heading forward you need to head to the left and backtrack to the room with the last collectible. In the beginning of this room, the opposite side from which you are currently, a new door will have opened leading to a flooded room. The rubber duck is on the right hand side of this flooded room next to a red balloon. 13: Scan - Find Me: Broken Pipe - Upon entering the room with the broken floor and monorail car, jump down into the pit and the pipes you need to scan are on your right. 14: Hologram - Find Me: Journey’s End - Directly in front of you once you exit the broken monorail car. 15: Scan - Tombaugh Riots: Monorail Access Terminal - Directly behind the Journey’s End Hologram. Missable Trophy - (Now You See Me) - After reactivating the core and going up some stairs it will begin to let off a power surge, you have to run from pillar to pillar without being hit by this surge to the exit of the room for this trophy. 16: Hologram - Find Me: Nevermore - Unmissable. Received after interacting with the cryopod which gives you the final cutscene.
  9. It’s delisted now so looks like I’m not going to be able to do it lol.
  10. Does the same connection method still work? Was thinking of picking this up if I am still able to find 2 copies because I loved the original.
  11. Nice! I still need to do this one. So many games, so far behind.
  12. Emperor isn’t super hard you just have to commit a ton of time into it and be able to solo resources. Play the below 50 campaign with a level 10 to 30 character. Group with ppl whenever anyone is on and play 21 hours a day for 2-3 days, coupled with luck of having the people on to push the inner keeps. Your main priority is being on at start of the campaign and staying as far in the lead as you can, keep playing while others sleep and gap them in points to discourage them. Stay away from other players unless you have a good pvp build or are in a group. Would also recommend going as EP, from my experience they usually have the most players which makes it easier to grab all of the inner keeps. If you have any questions message me on PSN and I’ll try to answer them.
  13. This only works for Mass Effect 1, but if you want a super easy run through start by using Soldier. On your first playthrough, focus on leveling Immunity, Shield Boost, Adrenaline Rush and Fitness. Once all of those are capped you can use Immunity which negates almost all damage, pop Shield Boost as soon as it runs out and then hit Adrenaline Rush to immediately renew them both. By the time you run through the cycle again Adrenaline Rush will be charged and you can completely run the cycle over and over.
  14. Awesome! Thanks 😊
  15. Anyone have any idea if we will be getting a North American version of this game?