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  1. Mine are also still there.
  2. Lol trion strikes again!!!! I might as well stop playing now then. Move onto something that actually isn’t broken. I loved this game on PS3 even with its issues but on PS4 this game is just awful. Teleporting enemies, random damage and deaths, kicks, only three days in and I’m tired of it.
  3. Trion is an absolute joke to say the least. Patches will be minimal, and few of these issues will ever get even a partial fix. I will get the platinum but after I will never touch this game again. I could have swore when I played the PS3 version there was a lot less lag, more kicks but still less lag.
  4. Don’t know if this counts but call of duty black ops 3 is free for plus members, this was announced at E3. It will be available for a full month just like regular plus titles.
  5. Personally I would prefer a small list without a plat in comparison to some of the titles we get that end up having an unobtainable plat. However it is always nice to have a plat with any title.
  6. Even without paying it off every month it’s not a bad card, there are better sure, but there are way worse. I use it strictly on psn and pay it off pretty regularly. I would suggest it but only if you enjoy buying your games digitally.
  7. This is incredible πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Try to time it where you can play as Vader, or Luke depending. I got this off a match where I got to play as Darth Vader twice. Good luck! πŸ‘
  9. I'm not going to lie, I like the list but I do wish it had a flawless raider trophy. I still remember having a set group of 6 hit VoG every day for like 3 hours for a month before we finally got it. One of the most satisfying trophies I have earned to date.
  10. Pretty much what they said. Make sure they are after you if it's cops. I just started wreaking havoc until gangs of cops would show, take cover enter slo-mo and mow them all down
  11. If you were in a fast enough car then those didn't even mess with you at all. But I still agree it was a great game. At least I'm not the only one noticing the frame rate drops. Have a good one and happy hunting!
  12. I agree however playing each dlc after already completing the game made the experience worse by far. Maybe they would have worked better if they put them after the main story concluded. But they didn't. 😭 Also I did notice quite a bit more frame rate drops after this dlc dropped. And I wasn't a fan of the slow mo shooting. You were already overpowered. With this mechanic the game had absolutely no challenge to it.
  13. I have both of the PS4 titles, yet again. Although I must say at least this month is some quality PS4 titles. Bought just cause 3 at release, and it was amazing in my opinion. But then again I don't mind open world games that tend to get repetitive. Enjoy the wingsuit challenges everyone!
  14. I picked up salt & sanctuary and I'm thinking about picking up snake pass as well. Not an amazing sale but definitely not a bad one.
  15. I personally feel like the first season should have only been four episodes, the last four felt forced and less enjoyable. However I understand mine craft is more popular than wolf among us or borderlands. I loved wolf among us and would love a sequel to it but the near future is looking grim for it. Although I truly enjoyed the game of thrones telltale game. I know a ton of people found it rather boring but to me it stayed incredible the entire time. But I am a fan boy who reads all the books and the Blu-ray seasons so I may be biased. Either way I play everything telltale puts out but the titles lately have seemed to be getting worse and worse. Although Guardians of the Galaxy seems good so far.