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  1. Agreed, game journos accidently ruin it. From what I can tell from other commenters on this forum, the site owner stopped giving a shit about this site long ago. If the owner did care, I'd love to see autopop times removed from the leaderboard and users who obtained trophies before the official release date removed from the leaderboards too. I don't mean removed in the way hackers are, I just mean, I'd like to see their times not appear on the board is all. That being said, other trophy sites clearly have no respect for speedrunners at all, as no other site has any kind of 'fastest completion leaderboard' which I honestly think is downright embarrassing, so I refuse to use those other sites as they are inherently futile in comparison to psnp. This is unfortunate for everyone involved.
  2. Autopop plats are just horrid, they destroy the 'fastest time' leaderboard. I can't believe Sony allows it. It's just antithetical to everything trophy hunting and speedrunning are all about. 

  3. Or I could source other controllers. I have already sourced a couple of horipad minis for example. Which go for cheaper than the FPS plus. Equally I have sourced a fight commander pro. My post explicitly commented on and ruled out FPS plus controllers for a reason as I was looking for other controllers. I have since found some and am still open to suggestions. It is not Hori FPS plus or nothing. It is surely not practical to run the PC tool on 4-6 consoles at the same time?
  4. Yes, of course. But I don't want to spend £200 on 4 turbo controllers.
  5. Typically, you'd hold the turbo controller down and press the button a second time if you want to turn it off. On controllers with 'auto' turbo, rather than turning off turbo after the second press, it'll become auto. I own one already, but they're £40+ at the cheap end and typically £50/£60.
  6. Thank you, with this controller, AFK boosting is possible? There is no need to hold down a button for turbo to work?
  7. I already know of the Hori FPS plus which is great for both PS3/4, what turbo controllers do you use that have the 'auto' setting? Links or names of controllers would be awesome, I'm in the market for a few, to afk ps3 games, but am struggling to both, find controllers that are confirmed auto on eBay or Amazon or just a list on a trophy website with confirmed auto controllers. There's many 'Turbo' controllers, but they are mostly just one setting of turbo that needs to be pressed to work. 'Auto' requires no button pressing from the user. If you own one or know of one, please do share, covering both consoles would be great, but I'd personally like PS3. Thanks.
  8. I'd also like to join in if possible.
  9. Truly bizarre that trophy sites allow 1 second platinum autopops, but not trophies earned legitimately in most cases, because they were earned on a custom server. If you're gonna flag one, please flag the other. I'd rather have leaderboards that allowed custom servers, than autopops. Autopop is just governing body sanctioned cheating. Those who have autopop platinums should be asked to hide them if they wish to remain on the leaderboard.
  10. Anybody know how to get the Korean version of teslagrad on the PS3?

    1. Sergen


      Commit identity fraud by getting a South Korean citizen to create a PSN account on your behalf and then find a Korean PSN card and buy the game on that account. Korean account creation on PSN requires proof of Korean identity so that's why the identity fraud part is required. 

    2. ixcoh


      @SergenLoads of Brazilians have platinumed it lol, how are they doing/getting it? Is it only possible through the way you mentioned? 

    3. Sergen


      CFW as well hahaha... But yeah you can only make Korean accounts the way I mentioned. 

  11. Anybody know how to get this? Is it on disc or digital?
  12. Any update on this happening? Would love this feature but it seems you have chosen not to implement it? Any chance you'll change your mind and give us the ability to choose our border colour in 2023?
  13. I think psnp would be better if the 'trophies per day' stat was a reflection of your average trophies per day in the last 12 months. Perhaps the overall average should be on within the profile stats page rather than on the profile banner. 

  14. As it's Christmas, can Sly finally fix the PSN profile border colour issue? I'd love to change it from the lame grey it's stuck as.

  15. @Sly Ripper Is it possible to remove the bar altogether or change it, so it's not linked to PSN?