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  1. It is possible, but it is terribly difficult. I abused the Noble ability and the swarm weapon. Doing this made Amulvaro easy, but Endless is just all about getting the pattern down... I just brute forced it, so just know it’s possible, just very difficult
  2. Thanks! I Banished then went to the mind dungeon, purged it and got the trophy so I’m not sure if it’s bugged or what but I got haha
  3. How do you unlock this trophy??
  4. Basically what I do is select Y’Shtola and 2 ransoms (preferably your highest rated com characters)... go to the basic training gauntlet mode and select core mode/match...always select the top opponent (as they are the highest level granting more exp, Gil, etc)... once in the game move close to the red dome around the core, but stay outside of it... spam the neutral circle attack or the air neutral circle attack at the core until it is destroyed... shouldn’t take any longer than 45 seconds to a minute of you get stubborn com opponents
  5. I think they should just lower the threshold to like 1700 instead of 1900... Very few matches I play does anyone reach 1700, let alone 1900
  6. Just use a diversify artifact by the Empire... then the item salesman near the cook sells all necessary ingredients to make the dishes, buy 100 of each ingredient then 100 dishes... trophy is yours!
  7. Need some help with this? Anyone want to join, just add me. I play most nights after 5pm