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  1. Now this...THIS... is For The Players.
  2. Lazio, because I was looking for an Italian word. Since then I got the idea I’ll name my characters in rpg after names of Italian regions.
  3. The round Kat avatar Sony finally decided to make it available everywhere. First there was only one Kat avatar available only on Japanese PSN years ago.
  4. Indeed I’ve been tricked, I wasted 5€ getting it.
  5. [ModNation Racers] 3 days I can't connect to the servers of the game, the hell is going on? -.-

    1. Honor_Hand


      Maybe the servers are getting worse as the closure date draws near? When I was self-boosting the downloads for the Level 30 trophy, there were days that the game server worked just fine but there were other days in which I would get kicked and disconnected from the server every minute. Truly annoying. 😅


      Good luck! :)

    2. NekoSlash


      Thank you for your message! I was wondering the servers are full because of many players boosting the game but it seems unrealistic. I contacted someone who told me the servers worked fine with him...

    3. Honor_Hand


      You're welcome.


      3 days without being able to connect to the servers sure is a lot. I remember I once had 1 full day in which I was unable to connect to the Modnation servers but it ended up sorting out itself on the next day. Just try connecting again at a different day or at a different time of the day to see if they are still working. You should still have time until October 10th, hopefully.

  6. Wipeout 2048 Halfway there (Complete 10 Online Multiplayer Levels) Just got it when boosting the online multiplayer today.
  7. PM me if you wish to do the WipEout trophies before server closure. I'd also like to start Killzone 2/3 online trophies but I have no idea of the time to spend for these ones.

  8. I'm discovering Meco's disco kitsch and joyful tunes
  9. Hello my new Dreamcast 😀

  10. That was fun, especially the Celebrity Brain Crash part ^^
  11. Thinking that so many creations will be wiped out with no further access in the future saddens me. That's in that situation I'm glad the Wii can be hacked and the games can be found on the internet.
  12. R.I.P. my 

    Dreamcast 😢

  13. An offer for a bundle with the handheld and Little Big Planet Vita and WipeOut 2048. But if I had have waited longer, I could have got it for cheaper with more games...