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  1. Does the difficulty on missions work the same way as Destiny missions did were the higher the difficulty on a mission meant better rewards?
  2. Conan Exiles has to be up there with the worst game I've ever played
  3. Detroit: Become Human
  4. That's a Bummer was looking at going back to get the Plat
  5. Anyone know if the MyClub Servers are still up and running?
  6. I'd have 27/33, Quite lucky as i have 2 Fifa Platinum which don't really require a guide
  7. Seen some people get the trophy when they get to 40 exactly, I'm on 58 and still no trophy
  8. I've completed all 8 faction missions available for Mads and no trophy has popped, is this glitched or ?
  9. Managed to get plat as soon as that YouTube video got posted 😂
  10. Anyone have any idea on how to get this trophy it's the only one I need? 😔
  11. Tried it twice guy just kept going round and round the first time second time he got out and just stood there
  12. Me and my friends seem to be having a issue with this mission we get the objective follow carlos to his brother but it just makes us go round and round the map without anything happen any one know what's going on is it glitched ?
  13. Remaster
  14. If you had the choice to have 3 games from old gen to be remaked onto new gen what would it be? Me personally i would choose 1.LA Noire 2.Crash Bandicoot loved it as a child 3. Call of duty World at war or MW3