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  1. Metacritic score: 82 Time to beat: 90 minutes What a great title. I am glad I picked it up on a sale. It is one of those games, pretty easy to play through but you will need really good reflexes to get the best scores. Well the Plat rarity is 22% so maybe not that much. It is one to consider going back to again. The music is great and you just cant go wrong with it for an evening of fun. FyI, this game has no story completion trophy, most are for extra requirements that you can only do after the main story and some after you get gold on each level.
  2. Just like this view, my backlog is wide and vast with over 400 titles. I had a previous account, but it was hard for me to focus on what I want because my mind was in two places. I wanted to beat my backlog but I also hated making my account go backwards. The only recourse was to wipe the slate clean. I have always been a gamer. I got my first taste on the Atari and NES which is all I had until High school. One of my friends had a PS1 and I saw some of the games. I knew I wanted one too. So my forst big paycheck went to a PS1 and two games, Castlevania SOFN and Resident Evil Directors Cut. I believe RE1 also had the demo for FF7 which I loved. I ended up with over a hundred titles. When PS2 came out I upgraded to that and had both systems for many years. In 2005, I began to look to upgrade and did the unthinkable and went with a 360. That is where I first got the hunting bug. I did like the challenge of going for the achievements but over time I just wanted to raise my gamerscore over my friends, no matter the game. For a present one year I got a PS4 and so I traded in my Xbox and everything with it, leaving hunting aside for a time. I did not get a completion until almost a good 18 months after I bought the console. Once I did though, I was on the forums here and completing community events. I had some good Platinum's and ones that I really did not like. It began to feel empty though in recent times. This is one of many activities that I needed to do to get to a healthier frame of mind. What I have begun to realize is that when I am wrapped up in the narrative and engaged is when I am having the most fun gaming. I used to follow guides to get through titles as quick as possible, but that takes the point out of what it means to game. While I experience new titles I also want to go back a replay some of those games too. There are only a few that I lost when I reset my vita, since it does not allow multiple users. While that is a bummer from a financial standpoint, I still have so much more, and most are either a cross buy, or can be bought digital or physical again. It is not something I will let hold me back. It is time to just rediscover the fun of gaming.. Working On: Cup Head Man of Medan PS4/PS5 Collection Nintendo Switch Collection: PS Vita Physical Collection:
  3. Somewhere Else How long to beat 3 hours Metacritic score: 82 As the picture above shows, Little Misfortune may look like a cute adventure title. It is nothing of the sort. I got it on one of the last sales, thinking it was a something like The Little Acre. You have a girl going on an adventure, to "Win the Game", following the well spoken narrator like a children's show or something. It has that feel but relies on shock and South Park humor to hold the whole game together. It actually stuffed in alot of dark humor into it. Seriously if you have an issue with any of the following as a reference or that it is included into the game, stay away, Abortion Domestic Violence Alcoholism Suicide Prostitution Strip Clubs Ecstasy Meth Labs Projectile Diarrhea and a little girl thinking of exposing herself to get into a zoo like mom does to get her " Juice". The game itself is just ok. I dont know why it is so high on Metacritic. The voice acting for the girl is annoying. There are alot of games that handle these subjects much better. Oh and the trophies are set up that unless you save smartly you will be locked out of some trophies and have to do a second playthrough. Not worth it.
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    My setup is coming along nicely. I need to just work on my physical collection a bit but I have a plan for that, which involves not spending any more money or putting it on credit. 

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      Added two DS games to the collection today. I bought a small stack of games from a pawn shop for $20.00. Just the 2 ds games are worth like 50 or so. Napolean Dynamite and Nacho Libre. Along with a sealed Batman Arkham VR. 

  5. The decription for Stroke the Dog on the PS Store is an instant classic.


    Stroke it as many times as you like and then stroke it some more.



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      That's what he said.

  6. Good Afternoon, I completed my last game a few day ago and finally have a moment to write a bit about it. Last Stop Finish the Adventure How long to beat 6 hours Metacritic score: 65 For my next game I decided to go with one of new favorite publishers. From the publisher of Stray and The Outer Wilds is this short narrative adventure. Last stop follows three different characters and in a way can be compared to 13 Sentinels by virtue that you have to complete a subchapter for each character in the chapter before being able to move on in the narrative. Two of the stories are of a paranormal sort while the third is a spy thriller that at first does not seem to fit with the rest. The stories that were presented were entertaining, and had some good moments. Some even me laugh out loud. Add to that some good voice work and music, the game holds together well. Where it does not is visually and few other minor complaints. Graphically, as you can see above it is somewhat underwhelming. It serves the purpose but does not use the PS5 to its potential. It is said that they drew inspiration from Virginia. So that me be why. There were also these weird angles as you walking. By themselves it was fine but there would be obstacles like lamp post or trashcans that were obstructed because of the angle. It was also painfully slow to walk anywhere with no option to move faster unless it was for the story. Lastly dialogue choices. They were only there it seemed for trophies. They mostly do not have much of an impact, but had trophies tied to certain decisions. So replays are needed of you did not use a guide. Good game but I am now excited to move on to the next. Working on: Man of Medan PS+ Cup Head 3 coins to buy smoke screen Short completion wish list Bioshock Series Little Misfortune PS4 Kena PS5 Harvestella Demo Switch Lego Batman 2 Vita Voltron VR
  7. I thought I knew all the reading threads. Although that seems to be no conversation involved, from what I read in the last few pages. so I am hoping to make this a bit better.
  8. There has been an increase in expressed interest for a dedicated space for readers. There have been a few Lets Reads or other community events, but like any event they have a duration before they are buried topics. I hope to see this more as a continuing conversation about what we are reading and maybe we can get some good recommendations along the way. For me, Reading has been a pastime since I was in Highschool. I found The Hobbit in the school library and after that it was Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and the DragonLance series. I have had highs and lows in my reading but usually get atleast 20 books a year. One year, I completed the 100 book challenge for Library Thing. Most years, it is never that much, especially in most recent years where I game more. But now I want to find more balance and read more along with other hobbies. This place isnt just for me it is for all readers and all genres. The books do not need to be gaming related, although there are some really good ones out there. It can be any type of book, including graphic novels, even though some people cringe at the concept. I only ask no VN's since they are a game. Those can be discussed on the appropriate page. So for my last read it was I have been playing this game for many years. I sort if knew how the events took place, but I did not really understand just how much the company was mismanaged into the ground. Started by gamers, who got rich quick but got greedy but also did not know how to run a company. Turned over then to a woman who knew sort of how to run a business but was more interested in her own ventures and not what the customer wanted. Add in then a toxic work culture, and too much debt and you have a disaster in the making. I am glad Wizard gave the franchise a second life even if people hated 4th edition. An amusing read and for a business BA a study in how a successful company can fail.
  9. Not a bad idea some day when I get back to them.
  10. Roombo First Blood was something of a hidden gem, I beat it in a few hours on my last profile. A short game yes but well worth the price of admission. I mean a stealth puzzle game where you are a killer vacuum defending your home from thieves. The premise alone was awesome. This game adds onto that. I hope that it is a longer challenge though.
  11. Birthday shopping is complete. I paid a little extra on top of my giftcard but it was worth it. Manifold Garden The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel The Suicide of Rachel Foster Sayonara Wild Hearts South of the Circle Little Misfortune
  12. Today is my 41st Birthday. Yikes what a thing to say, I only feel older than Last night we did our first ever escape room. We did not make the time limit. We may have needed another 15 mins and I think we would have made it out. It was a Saw themed room called The Collector. I thought I would be pretty good since I have played some mobile escape room games but this was next level in detail and puzzles. You have to e really good to get one of these done in half the time. The guy overseeing us was funny, with this offhanded " your not the worst I have seen so don't feel bad" Then it was on to drinks but I was the driver so I had to stay semi sober. Today is a chill day with pizza, beer and friends. Cuphead is a tough game but also really fun. I wanted to play it before but now I am just going for it. My plan is only one or two at a time. I will have something lowkey on the days I dont want to stress out with Cuphead. I seem to be able to get a boss , maybe two in a session. Maybe I will start putting some recording on the thread to show my progress. There is alot of great stuff that I have yet to experience. I have a small list of 20 where these are the next I want to play. I also want to get into the habit of if I buy it, it is because I am going to play it right away. This may help with overspending on sales. It was a great game, It has just the right length, and difficulty to go with the great voice acting story and environment. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back soon.
  13. Hey thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you around more. Burnout is a huge thing, It is why I am getting back into reading and other activities, It will make my spouse happier too if I game less. Maybe just a slight addition of another activity will help. There are plenty of people with very casual threads that get to it when they can, don't let that deter you. It is a great way to express yourself, at least I think so. If there is a game that you want to team up on, let me know. I cant agree more on Gone Home, for such a simple game it just grabs you. It is one of those games where I do not mind a replay now and again.
  14. This was the first game I 100% completed previously. It just felt fitting to go back and experience it again. It also has a very touching and moving story. I know alot of people don't like walking sims, yes they can be slow moving I can agree with that. If you moved faster though you my miss something that may be important. If you get lost in the narrative and the world around you these games become a great puzzle to solve. Gone Home, opened up this genre to me. You are an young adult woman coming home from a extended trip abroad. Only when you get there, no one is home and on the door your sister left a note saying she is gone. You learn the story by picking up certain items in the house, when you do an audio diary will play, it is your sister letting you know the why of her note. There is no indicator of which of the items it will be so it pays to examine everything. Along the way, in the items you find the parents story as well, The dad is a struggling author and the mom is an up and coming forest ranger. You learn their struggles and how they are trying to "help" their daughter in hers. There is also a possible ghost mystery, even though the devs say there are no spirits in the game. It is a dark creepy house though, during a thunder storm and I swear sometimes it seems like the shadows move. The main story though is good emotional tale. Listening to the diary entries you cant help but feel for her struggles of finding her place in the world. Along with it, you get some great indie punk music and the rest of the soundtrack fits well with whatever is going on the narrative. I enjoy this game very time I play it. It was a good mood setter to get me back into just enjoying the flow of a game. So what can you expect coming up? Well as mentioned in the OP, I started Cup Head. It is a fun challenge so far and I did start Last Stop today as an offset for when I am not in that mood.