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  1. Is nuts about different gaming genres
  2. All I did was cycle through the plots of land I own, and it lets you place one per plot, I hope this helps.
  3. Nice, thanks guys will help a lot, Just need to find someone to help me.
  4. I hear if you play with zombies disabled, they still attack on the 7th day is this true?
  5. Coffee, Keeps me alive
  6. Far Cry 2, A bronze trophy for collecting all them conflict diamonds, just doesn't seem worth it, I gave up on the game at a similar percentage as you, maybe I will try it again one day, when I have time for it
  7. Unachievable Trophies due to servers closing, was so close for a MAG Platinum
  8. Farcry 3, Fast and enjoyable.
  9. A respectable completion percentage !!!
  10. Lego Batman 2, Such a great game, definitely going to be buying more of the Lego games, Especially looking forward for the Jurassic World One.
  11. To finish incomplete games or buy a new selection, Hard choice :@

    1. Hemiak


      Set yourself a goal. Finish 1-3, start a new one. Make it a goal, not a rule, so that you can break it if something you really want to play comes out.

    2. Trialia_X


      Easy choice! Do what I do - until you've got a certain amount of your incomplete games finished, don't buy anything new that isn't already on your wishlist, unless maybe it's heavily discounted & unlikely to be again any time soon.

  12. LittleBig Planet 2
  13. Farewell England
  14. An old game but Skyrim, I can dedicate a lot of time over xmas