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  1. Hey everyone, 4A Games just announced details of the next patch for the game. Among many other fixes/improvements/additions are a new game + mode, and 3 new trophies. Toy Seller Find 3 toys in New Game+ mode: teddy bear, sun and fish. Mutation Complete the game in New Game+ mode using any modification. Iron Mode Complete the game in Iron Mode. Iron Mode fully disables the Save System, progress is only saved between levels. Full patch notes here:
  2. @Sir_Bee @Fuji_tha_Hero Thank you both. Hopefully I don't encounter the bug when I get around to playing the game.
  3. Hi, sorry to bump an old topic, but do you know if this glitch ever got fixed?
  4. Played this game so much on PS1 and looking forward to playing through again. Anyone have an idea about whether any of these will be missable?
  5. Is there any word on whether any of the additional trophies are coming to PS4?
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. I imagine that if all players earn trophies in the Pre-sequel then the same will be the case in Borderlands 2. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  7. Really? I played Borderlands 1 a lot in split-screen and I seem to remember only player 1 earning trophies. I could just be remembering wrong though.
  8. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can confirm that all logged in players earn trophies during split screen play. This game already looks like a must-buy, but I'd still like to know this information before I make the purchase. I couldn't find the answer on Google. Cheers
  9. Dude, that's beautiful. I almost want to cry.
  10. I'll believe it when I see it. This game was announced 7 years ago now and we've seen almost nothing.
  11. My favourite game of all time is TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, so I'd love to see the TimeSplitters trilogy in HD. The current owners of the IP, Crytek, have essentially said they'll do it if this petition reaches 300,000 signatures. If anyone's willing to help out then I, along with the other 77,554 people who've signed it, will be very grateful!
  12. Hey, you see how you imported Okami HD, was it the Asia version or the Japan version? Or are they the exact same thing? And I heard it has full English subtitle and menu support, is that true?
  13. My favourite game of all time is represented by my avatar. Anyone who recognises the character in my avatar is my new best friend.
  14. PlayStation Not sure, probably Rugrats: Search for Reptar PlayStation 2 Ratchet & Clank 2 and Jak II Game Boy Advance SP Pokémon Sapphire DS I have no idea. I've only ever had about 5 games for this system, 4 of which I remember, but I know that none of these four were my first game. I don't remember what I got with the system. PlayStation 3 Resistance 2 and Call of Duty: World at War
  15. Terminator Salvation "Determinated"