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  1. GTA 4,it's the worst game ever made
  2. Awesome artwork Carrie
  3. Welcome to PSNP...I am also a newbie here though
  4. Laker was talking about me
  5. Country=India,Time=11:35 AM Just chatting and surfing the forums.
  6. :LOl.. Nice pic That PSvita reminds me of my PSP.It's got stolen in a bank due to my mistake.
  7. true Thanks
  8. Yeah sure..but you are elder than you know more than me I enjoyed TR more,especially due to its combat. And thank you all for welcoming me
  9. yeah..i saw your post on the "Platinum(It's something like that) " thread.Congratulations for the platinum.
  10. Italy....good.I really want to have the pizzas of Italy ...cause they would be's 12:10 Am here so have to sleep.See you tomorrow..Bye..and you are gorgeous
  11. I am new to name is Arpit Singh.I am 17 years old male and live in India.I like action adventure games alot. I like science,especially physics(of my level ).My favourite game is God Of War 3...Kratos is awesome!SO,see you all at the forums
  12. To be are extremely beautiful.Where do you live?I mean country?I am in India.