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  1. GTA 4,it's the worst game ever made
  2. I am new to name is Arpit Singh.I am 17 years old male and live in India.I like action adventure games alot. I like science,especially physics(of my level ).My favourite game is God Of War 3...Kratos is awesome!SO,see you all at the forums
  3. Awesome artwork Carrie
  4. Welcome to PSNP...I am also a newbie here though
  5. Laker was talking about me
  6. Country=India,Time=11:35 AM Just chatting and surfing the forums.
  7. :LOl.. Nice pic That PSvita reminds me of my PSP.It's got stolen in a bank due to my mistake.
  8. true Thanks
  9. Yeah sure..but you are elder than you know more than me I enjoyed TR more,especially due to its combat. And thank you all for welcoming me
  10. yeah..i saw your post on the "Platinum(It's something like that) " thread.Congratulations for the platinum.
  11. Italy....good.I really want to have the pizzas of Italy ...cause they would be's 12:10 Am here so have to sleep.See you tomorrow..Bye..and you are gorgeous
  12. To be are extremely beautiful.Where do you live?I mean country?I am in India.