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  1. Paperback! That smell... Reincarnate in a city stray cat or in a jungle snake?
  2. All the time, but at my age I gotta deal with colesterol and shit like that so gotta be careful or my veins will be blocked and I'll choke to death. You are in a dark room, sitting on a chair, you feel the soft touch of something slimy on your left arm, what do you do?
  3. Welcome to the site Kdogg! Better late than never yo Great profile by the way and nice avatar!
  4. 10/10 Playing Deus Ex right now, Adam Jensen is an ultimate badass
  5. I was Ninja'ed and had to do it again 5 plats in common with Adam jensen! The Walking Dead Assasin's Creed II Heavy rain Uncharted Resident Evil 5
  6. I feel relief, but it'd be great that a platinum would actually be a meaningful reward, like what they did with that Sony trailer props.
  7. Completely agree Gota, it all falls in the Dev's end. Even if they have a great device/invention on their hands, if the content sucks, any revolutionary idea will be ruined. I tried a shitty version of Alien Isolation with lots of aliasing with the Oculus in PC and.. well it really looked like shite, but the feeling I had, the potential of that thing, how it changes the way I played that game... Wow. I found myself walking so slowly, paying attention to every little detail... I don't know man, it finally felt like a fresh gaming experience to me, so I can't imagine when we are actually given a polished version of it.
  8. You'll be awsm
  9. of blood and
  10. to fulfill his
  11. Now who's the evil one?? But YES I would even cosplay with those guys!
  12. I read the whole thing, this looks like a lot of fun Eff!! Sign me in for the next round yo!
  13. Hahahaha Then you SAW him!! Oh my, I am still trying to get the image out of my head... I won't post any more related pics for the sanity of this thread and this community
  14. Quan Chi all the way Free with no money or rich without free time?
  15. Man I googled "Cosplay fail" and I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have