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  1. Fucking shit, I bought this game thinking it would be good, but it is bad and repetitive. And it is also broken, great.
  2. I think part of the "difficulty" is because the game is far too easy, You can blindlessly pound everything without thinking. So when they suddenly added overpowered bosses it took everyone by surprise. Zeta and Mausinger actually require a bit of strategy. I think i killed Mausinger at level 80 and Zeta at level 85. For That fucking uninspired dragon i had to level up to 99 (super fast to level up on horraune, just spamming astra), not because he is hard, but because the battle is far too long. His attack pattern is a joke, the only hard part are his summons. The game is a letdown though. Unbalanced, lame story. The first one was better everywhere.
  3. I would say no, The first two hours are great, after that the game gets super boring and repetitive. A forgetable experience
  4. Any news on this glitched trophy? How annoying, if i knew they had such a simple trophy glitched i would have played the game without bothering colecting trophies. Now i feel like i wasted my time.
  5. Thinking about getting the Banner saga bundle Looks fun.
  6. Just updating: My trophy is somehow glitched, did all i could and nothing I even uninstalled the game and installed it again, then got 300+ takedowns and nothing. Time to move on, F*** this game.
  7. No, i can't check the game stats. And still haven't got the trophy, just grinded a few hours on my old save and nothing too. My only hope is that the game is not counting my lethal takedowns, i just had this idea and changed on the menu from lethal to non-lethal (the game starts on non-lethal and i got the two other trophies on non-lethal mode); i know the guides say it doesn't matter but is the only thing i can cling to. Tonight i will give it another go. The thought of having to delete the entire game and installing it again just to try and get this trophy is haunting me, i probably won't do it though that 98% completion will annoy me for a long time.
  8. Ok, so right now Combat Specialist is the last trophy i need to plat the game. The problem is, i'm 100% sure i killed WAY more than 300 hundred enemies with silent and brutal takedowns. I played the game twice and on my second run i realised the trophy should had already popped; i made sure i killed more than enough, but nothing. So i changed back to my old save from the first run (glad i kept it) to keep killing enemies with takedowns. With this save i'm using now i got the two other trophies (The silent and brutal ones). Is there any kind of other requirements? has anybody experienced something like this? Does difficulty affect this trophy? I'm lost here guys, would appreciate some help.
  9. What about the older version sitting there with lots of unobtainable trophies? Will this game scratch that version away from the PSN? or will ad another one to my trophy list? I'm asking this because i don't want to take any risks of downloading another glitched game and be obligated to leave them there to remind me i made the same mistake twice.