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  1. I'm also having the same issues. Downloaded the recent 4.90 update and since then I get 80029509 error code when attempting to download from store.
  2. Champion of champions 8.48% Very Rare
  3. I would like to join please! I have highlighted UR's in bold I have 26/29, 12 of which are Ultra Rares (UR) ~ # 100% Complete (LittleBigPlanet) (UR) Arborean Hero (TERA) (UR) Best Friends Forever (PS Vita Pets) Conquistador (Far Cry 6) Does everything a spider can! (The Amazing Spiderman) Every Trophy Counts (Grid 2) (UR) Fundead Legionnaire (PvZ Garden Warfare) Great Shot Kid! (Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate) (UR) Hero (Killzone Shadow Fall) (UR) Imperium (Mercenary Kings) (UR) Julius Caesar (Assassins Creed Brotherhood PS3) (UR) Know All (Knowledge is Power) (UR) Legendary Defender (Dungeon Defenders) (UR) Master of Spacetime (Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime) (UR) None More Wanted (Need For Speed Most Wanted) Omnipotence (Apotheon) Pandora Master (James Camerons Avatar the Game) (UR) Quite Big (Epic Word Search Collection) Rock God (Brutal Legend) (UR) Star Lord (Astro Bot Rescue Mission) The Ultimate Reward (Dragon Age Origins) Under Your Skin (Blacksad) Virtuoso (Rocket League) Warrior of the North (Lord of the Rings War in the North) X You win at running,football,arson,weddings and art! You'll even win at irony! Top score. (Desert Child) Z non-English コンプリート(Clannad)
  4. # 250 - Rayman Legends!


    I’m glad this one is finally over :D

  5. Was just about to say I reckon this is more likely the reason now that EA owns Codemasters they are probably moving them to EA Play
  6. Just to note all those PS3 games are developed/published by Codemasters so it may be more of a relation to a deal/contracts expiring with that specific developer
  7. Thanks both, Nothing to worry about then, not sure when I set my profile to hidden/private only thing I have changed recently is my avatar so maybe I did it by accident at that point. I guess my rank will show up again soon but I believe I'll have to re-add my trophy cabinet?
  8. Hi all, Not sure what has happened but logged onto PSNP today and noticed that my Trophy Cabinet as disappeared and my Ranking is displayed as "Soon"? Never seen this issue before and I've been a premium member for a few years, I can't see any games that have been flagged but I don't think that would cause the missing trophy cabinet problem? Anyone else had this today or before?
  9. # 176 - Blacksad: Under the Skin!


    Also now the fastest achiever :)

  10. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  11. According to the below list, filter to games that are under “Bootable” on PS5 BC. There may be a few more that aren’t going to work perfectly on the PS5 :/
  12. # 165 - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning :) 

    1. ihadalifeb4this




      I must say i really enjoyed that game.

    2. Burek_san